Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weekend is almost over.

I had ok day. Weather sucks big time. It is tooo cold and windy. No sunshine at all- very cold. Because it was sucky weather we really did not do anything today. Only thing we did is we went to bookstore , because if I had to spend all day In the house today, I really don't think they or I would have survived. So we went to bookstore and bought one book- little red riding hood. I try to buy books that are similar or are Original stories and have normal endings. One example Of weird ending I have is - wolf stuffed grandma to closet and waited little red riding hood to arrive, so he could eat all the goodies little red riding hood brought for grandma. STUPID, plain stupid. WOLF ATE the grandma and then he ate little red riding hood and then fellow neighbor who happened to be hunter cut wolfs tummy open and happy grandma and RH jumped out and lived happily ever after. lol I really don't like those weird happy endings that supposed to be semi happy like goldylocks and 3 beers remined friends - real ending was goldilocks ran as fast as he could and never showed her face in 3 beers house ever again. Regina loves those old fashioned engings also.
I can only emagine that in 20 something years cinderella only trives Mercedes and eats caviar and cinderella was cheating on his prince with some other dude from Hamptons. Sad, but old good childrens stories are allready forgotten and fancy disney remakes are taking over that only have little truth in them.

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