Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

who, Me????

Yes  US... Our house has been on market now for 2 weeks.   Crazy couple of weeks. ALl I do is clean, and scrub, and vacuum and dust. And i is still nowhere perfect.
We had agents showing. I DON"T like lot of stuff in my house...  More stuff- more stuff to dust and clean. Brokers thought that we have to do more staging, because   looks like noone lives in our house.. I wanted to tell them -  LOOK OUR DRAWERS!!!  Look into our closets.
BUT, I have lot of time in my hands.. I am not in a hurry to move away to Beijing... I am waiting for that ONE. ONE who says -- I WANT it the way your house is.. because I know there is that ONE OUT THERE :D
 I just want that ONE to have kids, because we have great neighbors who have kids. I want that one to be FUNLOVING, Easygoing, CRAZY  OC family, who  knows how to be crazy in a classy way ;) hehe

But  now. --  I want to bitch about things...  I am not sure what "friends" think when I hire them to fix my house???
I can't recommend my friend who hired painters to paint my house because they did FUCKIN HORRIBLE JOB . Even I did better job painting...  and to pay 5200 dollars to get my house BEIGE is a lot of money. I had someone else giving me a quote to REPAINT doors, fiX ALL dry wall issues, REMOV ALL extra nails, REPAINT ALL baseboards and 3 ceilings for 5200 dollars, and they promised to do it  within 2 days because they said they have about 6 workers come in at once do do it....  BUT I decided to use my friend  because i  trusted him.. Mistake.  In FUTURE I will leave my friends out  of  house projects..  I made clear on first time WHAT I wanted to be done and they did not do it.  I am not the one to go after ones neck after and say -- there are about 20 holes needed to be fixed, WHOLE master bedroom dry wall was not patched and CRACKS were not plastered and repainted...   I  told them at first time what to do, and I was told things will be taken care off..      I was hoping that after he does my house, I am going to recommend him to my friends and people who needs things to be done, but I can't.        If you do something right- do it first time..  

I know..  I am to anal.. BUT IF I pay for someone to do it this kind of money.. IT BETTER BE GOOD... actually PERFECT!!!!. AHHH WWTF.. ALl I know , bitch is back and she is here to stay.