Saturday, December 22, 2007


One Tamale, 2 tamales 3 tamales- MORE, 4 tamales, 5 tamales , 6 tamales- I CAN't eat no more..
Today Padres organization came to 4th floor and cooked lunch for all of us. My love to tamales is sickening. I could eat them and eat them until I am ready to throw up. I can't say no to GOOD HOMEMADE TAMALES- this time they had 3 different types of tamales, El Salvadore'an, Mexican, and some other tamales with pinaple junks in it. IT WAS HEAVENLY. I had 5 of them. I just ate like I never seen food before. They also had some soup, that was very flavorful and had some kind of beans in it, but I was not sure what kinds. It was one of the best Spanish food lunches I have had for a long while. Thanks again to those who made it possible. :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Those trashy Estonians... Perez Hilton wrote about Estonia (ns)lol