Thursday, December 06, 2007

Those trashy Estonians... Perez Hilton wrote about Estonia (ns)lol

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your truly reader said...

hahaaaa, LOL, at least we are on "da map", that's our NOKIA, hang around with Enrique....or other celebs, but interesting is that, who gave that information to Perez? Enrique himself? Probably yes, but anyway, i read all those comments, and they weren't bad at all towards estonians, and lots of people(i.e. estonian perez-readers) gave also there transaltions to english. BTW, and many times they have been told you, that you are looking amazing(and belive me, you are) and are you russian or ukrainian? Estonian, hummm, what's that, Australia??? So, please, for us nothing less than Enrique, LOL!