Saturday, March 31, 2007


I feel like I am in mood for little “Chinese”. Nope, I know it is April Fools day, but I am not trying to make fools out of you..

I want to tell you about my grocery store experience in Chinese Supermarket- you know one of those stores where clothes, food and frogs are all sold in one… Yup..

Well, there I was , standing in line, cart filled with Chinese delicacies, that list NO nutritional information.. Weird, Not sure how Chinese manage to stay so slim without knowing how many calories they really are consuming…. But that is another story…

So there I was, waiting. . It was Sunday evening and store was packed with busy , and loud Asians. IT was hard to breath…. It was hot and supermarket stank… like dead frogs… Yuck yuck…. Before me stood about 5 other people, also sweating and looking around , thinking who the heck farted… Probably that white girl… she looks suspicious…..

Well, there I was standing, uncomfortable, because now everybody probably thought that I farted… and then out of nowhere ran one full of shit asian dude, and cut in front of me. At first I thought that , oh well, it is China, people do weird things here, they think only white girls fart, and now they cut in front of white girl, who’s shopping cart was full of attention, because everybody wanted to see WHAT I EAT TO STAY SO FAT….

Back to that Asian dude. I was furious and I just said out loud – DUMBASS-/ I knew he did not speak English, HE did not look like he could speak English,.. SO I thought that I was safe.. BUT, I was not only person in store who could speak English. There were 2 girls waiting on line, next to us. After I said DUMBASS.. I heard giggling… hihihih hihihih hihihih hihihih dksoishnknkdsh398ry9nklh(Y*^876))(__& ( they were talking to each other, and I guess that long line of nonsense just ment- I CANT BELIVE SHE TOLD HIM HE IS DUMBAss.. )*^(&^NKHJKBKJ B*&TNOIY(OKLU)*NH(JOK).
It weird to look at those girls… They covered their giggling mouths, hoping that I do not understand that talk was about me… DUH… I was only blue eyed person there …

But, I was still furious.. I can’t stand bad manners… AND if that dude had spoken any English , I would have given him speech about manners and birds and bees, and toothbrush and toothpaste, but since he was genuine Chinese, I just decided not to disturb him. I just told him DUMBASS one more time with a smile and bumped my shopping cart into him….. Dumbass…

I have been punished for being bad.

Oh, I feels o gross… Yuck.. Today is third day that I am extremely exhausted.. Yesterday I spend 2 hours in ER because I was unable to breathe, I got some kind of shot that opened up my airways again.. Today I thought I feel great until about 10 AM. My tonsils are swollen and hurting, but that does not stop me eating. – Whipped cream, ice cream, sugar frosting, chocolate syrup, vanilla milk, candy chocolate- IT ALL GOES DOWN very well, but now I am feeling extremely tired because of all the extra sugar in my system… BTW. ER “’ person” suggested that I may have developed some allergies to sweeteners, so now I have to cut out all the “ bad” stuff “ that I love. AND I LOVE EQUAL AND SPLENDA. NOTHING REPLACES THE THAT FLAVOR. I hate stevia and other :really natural sweetener, so I think I am eating because I am stressed because I had to say by by to my sweet lovers for 6 years.

Now something ridiculos. One of my neighbors is old Asian lady, who forgets things… She asks me every time how Reginas Chemo is going and I TELL HER at least once a week- Lady, last time she had chemo was in 2004 december… SO why do you keep asking---- She tells, me OH, OK, I forgot, but now I REMEMBER it ( she speaks really fast, with thick Chinese accents- during 5 minute conversation, she can tell you her whole life story.. NOW, the same old lady Uses my expensive trash cans. We have 3 large regular cans, one recycling can, and one for green waste… Now, she has one tiny black, one tiny brown, and one tiny green. I PAY 80 dollars per months for trash pick up, not sure how much she pays, BUT she USES MY “designer” trash cans EVERY FUCKING WEEK. AND she never asks- oh, I FORGOT , she rings my doorbell, after each time she has loaded up my trashcans and tells me- here I boot ju sum good keik. Its from vooons, I am dajabetik, I cant eat sweet bread, but you can , thank you veri mush for letting me use jur trashcans, ju good people. Now, eat that fuckin’ crappy vons cake….

AND she does it every week. I have told her many many times, LADY, I DO NOT WANT YOUR crappy cakes. Give me liposuction, and you can use my trash cans as often you wish. Do I LOOK LIKE I WANT YOUR FUCKING CAKES????

( OMG, what the heck is wrong with me, she is old and sweet, and all I do is bitch about her.. .sorry my freeloading neighbor.)

Monday, March 26, 2007


HMH. Today I went to see really expensive movie. REALLY, REALLY expensive. Total price for it was 50 dollar ( JUST ME). You think I must be crazy, and probably are saying things like – YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THAT money to me, or join Weight watchers instead- blah blah blah. BUT, Instead you spend watching crap like that. And I must tell it was crap, but just a tiny bit crap…. Sandra bullock was good, IDEA for a movie was excellent, and very well played, and I liked idea that all unexplainable things do not have to be explained , things just happen sometimes…. But crappidy crap… why is it always us, woman who screw up big time…. Huh?? Go see Sandras new movie - Premonition- You’ll find out why I am saying things I am… BUT oh yeah, at first I almost fell asleep, because beginning of movie was very “ calming” lol.

And now that expensive part- hourly after school daycare pay – 14 dollars per hour… and in the end I ended paying 7.25 per ticket and 42 dollars for babysitting center…. Sucks…..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Belly dance

Have you always wondered what goes on in a belly dancing class?

And see for yourself

THURSDAY, April 12th, 2007 7.30-9.00 PM

See the achievements of the Laguna Beach & Aliso Viejo Belly Dance Classes…
Admission: FREE + refreshments

Location : 384 Legion Street , Laguna Beach, CA 92651

See you there

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This is not funny...

…but I almost hit an leprechaun today. Little green , Mexican dude… I am not rude here you guys, but after leaving Estonian house, I had to make that famous right turn , and traffic was bitch. And there I was trying to make right turn and SUDDENLY, out of nowhere jumped out little green fat dude and started waving his hands. OF course, “zebra” was not seeable from where I was, and I did not see any people crossing. But I must be getting old, or I just do not see little people. .. Anyway, I hit my brakes as fast as possible , and stopped before I hit my little green Mexican, but oh damn, that Mexican was angry Mexican, he started waving his hands, showing me middle finger and pointing his eyes like letting me know, hei you bitch, where are your eyes. He was really angry looking and I looked at other cars, and everybody else was laughing their asses off. So there I was holding my laughter back, because I was scared that that green guy would pull green gun out of his pants and start shooting…. But yeah, after he crossed I started laughing too, because he was just fuckin’ funny… who thought that day after St Patrick’s day I would see green dudes running wild….

Congratulate me.... ;)

(Karm esinaine Mall koos oma "teemiga)
Ja korraga sai Anti-Eestlasest Eesti Seltis Juhatuse Liige. Nimelt , tehti Dianale ( minule siis. toim) ettepanek yhineda vanade heade Eestlaste ja Eestlannadega, et hakata ajama “Eesti Asja”. Hetkel on Diana vaheke segaduses ja hoiab kahe kaega peast kinni, kuna pea ei taha raputamist lopetada ( kaks pohjust- Liigne kohvijoomine, voi siis lihtsalt sellest et ta ei saa aru miks ta sellise sammu ette vottis). Aga asja mulle meeldib ajada. Ja nyyd on mul pohjust ka seda teha….
Eestlased- Yhinege LA Eesti Seltsiga ..

Friday, March 16, 2007

mees, marss magama....

My prince has arrived and he is snoring his nose off right now. I started my trip to LAX around 3 pm. Traffic was a real bitch. Just horrible. SUCKED. It took me 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete 53 miles. But we made it. AND then flight was 15 minutes late+ customs…. Instead of 5.15 we left 6.15. And made it home before 8 PM. Now my poor dude is sleeping and tired and is just sleeping. GOOD FOR HIM. Tomorrow he will take kids to chucke cheese and mall, and wahoos. Not sure what we will do for dinner,but I am hoping something good, because he is leaving Sunday early morning, ( yup, he is here only for a day) – Nianxiong Tan is dedicated to his work…. He better make enough money , so I can visit Estonia whenever I feel like it and not worry about going over BUDGET line.... OR budget line would be around 10 000 dollars per month. Hahahah…. I am not asking to much.. this time I blame it on Orange County. People around here live large and enjoy life…. I want to be one of them…( but do not expect me to gain chest size or 2)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mida, mida???

Don’t act like you know me, You don’t know me , ( doing my little head thing from side to side). Just kidding you homies…

I think my husband lost his mind. He decided that it is OK to have a meeting in Virginia. So weird. SO now he is coming home tomorrow ( yes I am going to pick him up from LAX, and myself, I stand under ENCOUTNER restaurant because I just want that thing to fall on me right there and then, so I can earn my WINGS… ( NO I AM NOT SUICIDAL). I just want my wings…. So he comes home for a day, and then runs as fast as possible to Virginia, because for GODS sake. ONE DAY with family is just WAY to much- AND I completely agree. So after that week he comes home for a day again and then we will celebrate his forty something birthday early this year….

ATTENTION--- ALL OF YOU WHO ARE USING PICTURES TAKEN BY ME , AND DISPLAY THEN ON YOUR WEBSITES ( HINT, HINT), PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THEM, BUT GIVE ME SOME KIND OF CREDIT. Right now I am working creating my logo to display on my pics , but until then, be nice to me…..

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ilusat Naistepaeva...

Today is International Womans day....

If you want to know more about it check out this link

So I am woman, and I am celebrating my PMS. WOHOO go periods... So dumb....
Now my room mates have lived me for 5 days. So far so good. I am not perfectionist, but I do miss my 100% privacy thing... And there are few hmhs here and there but oh well, I have to work on those.