Friday, March 16, 2007

mees, marss magama....

My prince has arrived and he is snoring his nose off right now. I started my trip to LAX around 3 pm. Traffic was a real bitch. Just horrible. SUCKED. It took me 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete 53 miles. But we made it. AND then flight was 15 minutes late+ customs…. Instead of 5.15 we left 6.15. And made it home before 8 PM. Now my poor dude is sleeping and tired and is just sleeping. GOOD FOR HIM. Tomorrow he will take kids to chucke cheese and mall, and wahoos. Not sure what we will do for dinner,but I am hoping something good, because he is leaving Sunday early morning, ( yup, he is here only for a day) – Nianxiong Tan is dedicated to his work…. He better make enough money , so I can visit Estonia whenever I feel like it and not worry about going over BUDGET line.... OR budget line would be around 10 000 dollars per month. Hahahah…. I am not asking to much.. this time I blame it on Orange County. People around here live large and enjoy life…. I want to be one of them…( but do not expect me to gain chest size or 2)

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lennuk said...

Hi, Diana!
Wow. I haven't been HERE for a so long time.
Unfortunately community have took most of my time and I feel very frustrated as suddenly I have less and less time for my dh and friends.
Hopefully you enjoyed your short time with your hubby!!!!
One of these days I will call you...