Saturday, March 31, 2007

I have been punished for being bad.

Oh, I feels o gross… Yuck.. Today is third day that I am extremely exhausted.. Yesterday I spend 2 hours in ER because I was unable to breathe, I got some kind of shot that opened up my airways again.. Today I thought I feel great until about 10 AM. My tonsils are swollen and hurting, but that does not stop me eating. – Whipped cream, ice cream, sugar frosting, chocolate syrup, vanilla milk, candy chocolate- IT ALL GOES DOWN very well, but now I am feeling extremely tired because of all the extra sugar in my system… BTW. ER “’ person” suggested that I may have developed some allergies to sweeteners, so now I have to cut out all the “ bad” stuff “ that I love. AND I LOVE EQUAL AND SPLENDA. NOTHING REPLACES THE THAT FLAVOR. I hate stevia and other :really natural sweetener, so I think I am eating because I am stressed because I had to say by by to my sweet lovers for 6 years.

Now something ridiculos. One of my neighbors is old Asian lady, who forgets things… She asks me every time how Reginas Chemo is going and I TELL HER at least once a week- Lady, last time she had chemo was in 2004 december… SO why do you keep asking---- She tells, me OH, OK, I forgot, but now I REMEMBER it ( she speaks really fast, with thick Chinese accents- during 5 minute conversation, she can tell you her whole life story.. NOW, the same old lady Uses my expensive trash cans. We have 3 large regular cans, one recycling can, and one for green waste… Now, she has one tiny black, one tiny brown, and one tiny green. I PAY 80 dollars per months for trash pick up, not sure how much she pays, BUT she USES MY “designer” trash cans EVERY FUCKING WEEK. AND she never asks- oh, I FORGOT , she rings my doorbell, after each time she has loaded up my trashcans and tells me- here I boot ju sum good keik. Its from vooons, I am dajabetik, I cant eat sweet bread, but you can , thank you veri mush for letting me use jur trashcans, ju good people. Now, eat that fuckin’ crappy vons cake….

AND she does it every week. I have told her many many times, LADY, I DO NOT WANT YOUR crappy cakes. Give me liposuction, and you can use my trash cans as often you wish. Do I LOOK LIKE I WANT YOUR FUCKING CAKES????

( OMG, what the heck is wrong with me, she is old and sweet, and all I do is bitch about her.. .sorry my freeloading neighbor.)


Kathy said...

That lady just hasn't figured out what you need.

You don't need liposuction, what you need is a gift certificate.

And she should hurry up about it, your trip is coming up quickly.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Oh, That is todally, what I need... That is what I call - Rebelling agains OC :) Now, what would Laguna Niguel moms would say , if I drop off Regina and Gabriel wearing those "things"... I should also get teardrop tattood under my eye ( I know you know what it means ;) ).. I would never, ever be bored with stupid questions....

Kathy said...

I like the idea of you showing up at school with grills and instead of a tattoo, you could get a teardrop dermal anchor.

Add a corset piercing to that, then start inviting Regina's friends over and see what their moms say.

But definitely start with the grills. I kind of like this one.