Monday, December 15, 2008

I don't feel like PMSing..


.. I should, but I don't want to ruin your holiday moods...
I love winter. I love California winter, because it is closest to Estonia Fall. I love rain and storms and clouds. I love stupid people who have no idea how to drive on rain. And I love how they blame how rain made them to have accident.. LOVE IT.

I also love Candlelight and fire on fireplace. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I feel like i don't need my antidepressants anymore, because I have been staring fire in my fireplace past 7 days... Candles are burning nightly and I enjoy my wine with Cheese. ( srry, My butt is getting kind of cheesy too, but who cares.

I also love that my Husband and I have come to an agreement to move on separate ways:) We have stronger and better relationship now. We talk more, laugh more and just hang out. I know, some of you think it is kind of weird that we still live under same roof... BUT, you know what.-- WHY NOT??? We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on December 28th. Not sure what we will do, but we have to celebrate it. Kids do not know it yet.... We have our reasons and I know you understand and respect that :)
I know, we are weird. Super weird. ALways been, always will be. That's not gonna change:) And I don't want it to change. I want to be hard to figure out . Nobody but me knows WHO real ME is. And I want it to stay that way:) I know you all have your interpretations about WHO I AM. I wanna hear them:) Don't hold back. LET IT OUT. JUST LIKE I AM DOING. most of the time. ;)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Best buy part 2

Seriously, what the fuck is up with that. I called them today again, REQUESTING return slips... Guess what, Those retards think they are working. They don't do a shit... Second time I asked them to email me those Slips, THEY N EVER DID. AND they do have correct email in their file. Well, it's their loss. I am NOT returning those parts back to them Till they email me some sort of return labels., and I keep calling them till I will be on their blacklist.... DORKS.. That's all I can say...

NOW, on a good note. I can not stand being a woman. I really can't. My hormones are driving me insane, and All I can do is sweat about it... I do not want to go on birth control. Because then I will sweat even more... And most likely get a high blood pressure.. and so on... I just want my beard to stop growing. i am tired of shaving nightly... hehe And there are all these beauty rituals I have to do to look somewhat acceptable... Blah... and that's it..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

best Buy drama

Small things, like peoples stupidity is what makes me angry. I can't stand companies, who can't do their job right. I Just don't understand. ALl They got to do is FIND me right AC adapter with right jack....
They keep sending me something that does not work.
Today after 30 minutes on phone, I was told that Srry, HP discontinued doing IDENTICAL adapters to mine.. SO DEAL WITH IT... WTF??? I have warranty. I have no idea what to do. I NEED IT. I NEED MY AC ADAPTER that works with my adapter.

YOU see, this kind of SHIT, that just drives me completely insane. I don't care if they discontinued making then. I NEED ONE, and I need one NOW....

THE one I need is on right, and the WRONG one on left ( They sent me SAME adapter TWICE already )... .... .... Difference in minor, BUT it matter to my laptop. MY laptop needs what it needs, and that end of this fucking story... :(:(:(:(:(

PS. Best Buy partsearch told me to contact HP. Screw them...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Finally I have something to bitch about... Well, not really, but I write about it anyway.
You all know my love for hair and hair color. crazy colors. I am not sure how, but whatever color I do my hair I look good.. ( yeah, you heard it right). Past month or 2 I have been walking around with pink hair. Kids LOVEd it, not sure about parents. I am sure they did not see me as THE best role model for their kids... hehe.. But who cares anyways. It is all about me and if I like it and can pull it off then screw them ;)

AND now. I thought that it was about time for change. So I bought a box of Revlon BLACK hair color and after 4 dollars, and 40 minutes I had spanking new hair. WOHOOO..

So today was really funny day.
Well, I really do not color my hair to get attention, I do it because I feel better about my self when I do something drastic. ANd from Pink To Black, it was pretty drastic.
So , today I did my regular thing. I went to pick up kids from school. And comments started flying in.. WOW, Black. YOU really can pull it off.. WOW, you look really sophisticated and classy.... ( whatever that means.... lol), after 20 comments I kind of wanted to disappear for a while, since I thought that was enough attention for a day... lol. Couple of people did not recognize me, since I was not PINK anymore. Oh what a day. Not much drama, but enough to last for a day.:)

Monday, September 29, 2008

I do not know...

I hope it is not to late to apologize. i am still PMSing 24/7 but feel the need not to share my thoughts with you. My world as it is is full of unpleasant surprises and happenings. One thing after another. There are days that I do not want to get out of bed because I have no desire to deal with what life throws me..( US). But I put on my "party" shoes and start living large..
I really am sick dealing with hospitals, doctors and medications. I am so tired of living one day at a time... I wanna see future, but I am to scared to look ... I want to be prepared but same time I do not know how to do so.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


It doesn't happen that often that i leave my house without camera. I usually have it in my car on in my purse...

Well, this past Friday I did not take my camera with me. And oh boy how I regret it.
The thing is. We had girls night out. 5 crazy, sexy , cool Estonian girls gone wild. IT was night to remember. We went to Shark Club. It was my first time to go to that club. My fave Night club around here was Club Vegas, but they closed it down. So we went to Shark Club. They have a shark tank in middle of club and 2 dance areas and plenty of room to dance...
In club we found out that It was ASIAN night. ANd let me tell you- they did not lie. It really was 90% of Asians in this club.
Luckily I was smart enough and got us Bottle service area( VIP)- 5 girls, bottle of absolut vodka and unlimited amount of juice. ... To be honest I still can't remember some of the things happened on that night, but I do remember that THIS night was the most fun I have had for a very LOOONG time. We met some cool people, danced like we never danced before, and woke up next morning wondering ( I am talking to myself) hurting all over my body.

Honestly, for a while I thought that someone had spiked my drink, because I had way to much energy and I COULD not sit down calmly, I was like energizer bunny just kept going and going and going... And then I crashed... Very weird....
Luckily I was not the one who had to drive. I spent a night at my friends house and enjoyed GREAT SPICY breakfast that her husband made.( when I have hangover JUst give me bottle of tabasco).

OK. i am not going to get into details, but I WISH WE HAD CAMERA with us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tana kirjutan ma Eesti keeles/ todays blog in Estonian

Kalli sobranna Mairega ja Abikaasa Nickiga :)
Yup, tana naerdi my yle Regina koolis. Emad soovisid mulle tagantjargi onne ja ytlesid et ma olen veel taitsa beebi oma 30 aastaga. Oleks pidanud ennast nagu taitsa hasti tundma, kuid enamus lapsevanemaid on juba meie 600 lapselises koolis neljakymne ja vanemad. On kyll moned taitsa noored emad, kuid neid on vahe.

Yldiselt hakatakse siin laste peale motlema umbes 35selt.
Orange county on omaette ooper. No muidugi oleneb kus Orange countys sa ka elad. Lahemale Ookeanile, seda rohkem korgklassi draamat, kui aga rannast eemale soita tuleb ette taitsa monusaid gangsta alasid... Kus mina aga elan on vaga super hea suburb. Laguna niguel on umbes 70 000 inimesega pere rajoon. Rahalised kiirteed on lahedal, ta valine Highway 5 on lahedal--koik on fucking kae ja jala ulatuses. Moni vaidleb vastu et Laguna Niguel on igav ja nome, kuid tavaliselt on need vaidlejad lastetud linnavurled, kes on harjunud ooklubide lahedal elama. Jah, Laguna niguel on toesti Planeeritud pere linnake. muidugi on see tais vaikeseid armsaid bubikesi ja ka paar ooklubi, kuid kui tahame ikka nii oelda mollu panna siis peaksime Laguna Beachile soitma ( umbes 19 min), voi siis newport beach/ Costa mesa umbes 20 minutit. ma ei hadalda. Tunnen end meie Varavavahtidega communitys taitsa turvaliselt. Naabri magamistoa aknast saan kohe sisse vaadata kui tahtmine tuleb, kuid mida ma neid ikka vahin ;) Naabrite asemel naudin aga ilusat vaadet oma magamistoa aknast. Voi siis alumise korruse peretoast ( kes mul kylas on kainud teavad millest raagin).
Miks ma aga koigest sellest kirjutan.... .Minult on ysna tihti kysitud et kus ma siis elan, ja kuidas ma elan, ja kellega ma elan. Kysijale suupihta aga ei looda . Kui teile aga vastus ei meeldi, siis allrighty,..
Elan hasti. Pole kodukana, kuna vahihaige lapse eest hoolitsemine on taiskohaga too, samuti olen oma abikaasale palgaline Sekretar asjaajaja ( Poltsamaalt saadud sekretar asjaajaja eriala ikka vaja ka ju harjutada). Toopaev algab hommikul kell 6 ja loppeb ohtul 11. Kool algab lastel 7.40. Kool saab labi 2.10. Selle aja sisse mahuvad "errands". Kahjuks disaineri poodides shoppamine EI ole yks mu erranditeks, kuna keeldun raha kulutamast ajuvabale rampsule.

Kella poole kolmest algab mul lastega kodu too, siis kokkamine, Reginale rohud, siis vannitamine, ja siis uneaeg. Minu aeg algab kella 8ksast ohtul Siis saan lopuks ennast diivanile potsatada ja rahulikult oma iga ohtust veiniklaasi nautida.

Anyway, ma kirjutaks veel, kuid ei viitsi ennast enam kiita kui tubli ma ikka olen.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


No time for yawning. I am thankful for great friends, great wine and Saturday nights.
BUT who do you consider your real friends? Why is it that sometimes you think somebody is your friend, but that "friend" turns around and stabs you in the back. DO you return this "favor" or you just let it go... After all, we are not in high school anymore ...

A true friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else

Friday, May 02, 2008


First I want to thank you all for checking in once in a while and leaving comments here and there...

It is friday night 11.56 and I am home with kids.. I told my husband to but on his " bachelor" clothes and get OUT... hehe he has been home and practicing piano ALL DAY LONG. GOD, my head is about to explode. I understand that he wants to learn to play, but OH COME ON, give me a break, same ding dong dang ALL DAY LONG.

NOw, it is May. It is my birthday month. I know guys it is hard to believe , but I am STILL under 30, and this fun will last few more days. May 8th will be that horrible day everybody is so afraid off?
WHY? What's wrong about turning 30, 31, 32, etc? Isn't that like , like, like, like so normal, like you like supposed like turn 30 like after 29 like that???( see I am getting nervous myself). YAWN, yawn yawn.

Why I am really posting this is let you know and rise awareness about your wallets, checkbooks, credit cards. I am hoping that at least couple of you will donate some money to Childrens hospital of Los angeles In REgina Tan's honor ( for Brain tumor research). CHLA and Dr Dhall have been amazing with Regina , and I hope , I really do hope that people keep giving , so one day all this money can help to find a cure. And I know you all want to be part of it :)

Anyway, Happy upcoming birthday to me. I will celebrate it in Persian restaurant in Encino ( 70 miles from Laguna), since I just feel like it. :)
OK. It is now 11.11 and my husband is still not home....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who we really are??

I feel pretty, oh so pretty... heheh. Oh come on Diana, get a grip. Regina told you POSe and you struck a cheesiest pose possible. BOOOOOO. All I really want to do is but on a goth outfit and scare neighborhood kids.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TB test results.

It is about 20 mm radius circle. And very itchy. It is positive, but SINCE i DID have those weird immune system jeopardizing vaccines at early age, it was expected. I had an x ray , and it showed that I still had mu lungs in there..hehe

Now I have to stop stressing about life issues.

Today one of the worst thoughts came to my head. It is so horrible it made me cry. If you are ready to read something really disturbing then go ahead, but if you wanna have a good night/day, then leave now... I warned you.

" I do not want to have feeling". I do not want to feel pain, I do not want to worry about Regina, I wish I never felt The love towards her. IT is so hard for me to deal with her being sick and me not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow... Or even later today.
Wha if cancer comes back? I do not want to be damaged! How selfish of me to even think like this? It is just not normal. I wish there was written book about Feelings for Dummies, when your child has brain tumor/cancer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I mentioned while ago that I applied for volunteering position in ST. Joseph Hospice care. Well, before that I had to fill out whole bunch of paperwork, that pretty much meant that I AM NOT ALLOWED TO ACCEPT ANY GIFTS from my patients. heh. Not a big deal, I am not doing it because i want something out of it, I applied because I want to help.
My guess is that there are people who do it because they want to get something out of it ( like will , or gifts)/ Anyway, I kind of felt like I was not trusted with my intentions and it did hurt a little. :( Then, second thing I had to do was Tuberculosis test.. Not a big deal. Righs? Just a tiny poke and then wait 48 hours and go back to doctors for a reading.
My issue is... I have been tested positive before and I had TONS of x rays taken over the course of my Elementary years and they all were ok, but tests always turned out positive, OR false positive..
Ok, I had this test done on Monday. Today testing site is BURNING red and raised and itches as hell. I never had such a bad reaction. I am littlebit worried. IF I had tuberculosis I would be coughing my insides out.. Right??? I am really hoping that it is also one of those false results and IF I get an x ray (IF) everything will be ok.

Just waiting...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

AIDS- This makes me very sad...

Some statistics. Estonia is small ( just about 1,3 million people). And give you idea - It takes about 4 hours to drive from one end of Estonia to other...
And I am sure if I find 2007 statistics, percentage is even larger. This is not good. not good at all

UNAIDS estimates that HIV prevalence among adults exceeds 1% in Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia.5

Eastern European
HIV diagnoses
in 2006
Rate per million
in 2006
Cumulative total,
end 2006
Adult HIV
prevalence 20052
Armenia 66 21.9 429 0.1%
Azerbaijan 242 28.6 965 0.1%
Belarus 733 75.6 7,747 0.3%
Estonia 668 504.2 5,731 1.3%
Georgia 276 62.2 1,156 0.2%
Kazakhstan 1,745 117.8 7,402 0.1%
Kyrgyzstan 244 45.8 1,070 0.1%
Latvia 299 130.3 3,631 0.8%
Lithuania 100 29.3 1,200 0.2%
Republic of Moldova 621 148.0 3,464 1.1%
Russian Federation† 39,207 275.1 369,187 1.1%
Tajikistan 204 31.0 710 0.1%
Turkmenistan 0 0.0 2 <0.1%
Ukraine† 13,256 288.3 91,057 1.4%
Uzbekistan 2,205 81.7 10,015 0.2%
Total 59,866 - 503,766 0.8%

Friday, April 04, 2008

health as it is...

oh wow.. I have been taking allergy medications to stop me dying here.... Oh wow, Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, stuffy nose, headaches, blurry vision, painful yaws...... Oh gawd.. Help me. My immune system is compromised by Crazy global warming California weather. One day HOT, then cold, then warm, then colder, then super hot again and then foggy...
Thanks Kathy for great advice. Nausea has passed- NO , I am not Pregnant... Just suffering from sort of weird condition. Uh, but so what?? Henry's has all kinds of natural remedies to help me cope with whatever I have, and even temporary relief is very welcome by me. If Estonia was bigger, then this ALl natural herbs could be huge business there, because you can pick ALL the herbs from nature , you just have to know what herbs they are...
Anyway. Spring brake has started and our family will start Road trip to Yosemite. I hope it brings some much needed relief and peace to our lives. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I just recovered from fuckin' flu. I was fine for 10 days. ONLY 10 DAYS??/ Thats all I get ?
Yesterday I went to bed 10.15 PM. And I woke up this morning 9 AM with a banging headache and nausea ... and swollen tonsils and ringing in my ears. Am I damned because I wrote badly about our health care system? Or Is it because people ask me why I am so anti Estonian( which I am not, or kind of I am uh whateva) Anyway, I am sick again and it feels like there is this huge rock tied to my chest.... Peppermint tea, camomille tea, echinasea tea or however you spell this anyway., vitamins, more camomille more peppermint, more fish and apples and gallons of water and chicken noodle soup. Oh I feel crappidy crappy .....

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am this point in my life , I have no I can't stand stupid drama or backstabbing. It is fun for a while, but really.. Who cares... I can't stand living in past and hearing comments like- But when I lived there, but this is how things were done back then.... WHo the fuck cares how things were done 10 years ago... We should care how things should be done NOW. How to improve imperfections.. All I want is to people to take step back, breathe in and out- GO shop in burlington "goat" factory and drink some red "whine".. and then start thinking.

You know what drives me insane the most? If you do not care, I am still telling you.
I am pissed with American health system. I am thankful for all the great doctors and nurses. And I think when America gets universal heatcare, our health will go downhill from there....

Anyway. We pay our taxes- LOTS OF TAXES... Property tax for our family is almost 9000 dollars per year. And we get this bill sometimes in End of December. Not happy. But we want to live in this big $ 3700 dollars per month for 32 years kind of house..., 1000 dollars for utilities, ( trash , gas, electricity, water, exterminator, gardener, community fees...etc.
700 dollars for food... AND our paycheck is gone.... GONE with a wind...

And then we get monthly medical bills- sometimes 500 dollars, sometimes 5000 dollars. Our february bill was 3000 dollars. We still have not payed it. They send us warning that they will send collectors into our house blah blah blah.... Who cares...

... Now... Every time I go to CHLA I ask from different people and families about their medical bills- Family from Iraq- they have been CHLA patients for over a year, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A PENNY FOR ANYTHING!!! Not even for a living. Luckily our great government takes care of them and makes sure they are safe and healthy.... Oh, I forgot to mention- Wife has 2 mercedeses, one BMW, and some other car she was very proud about.....

Family from mexico ( not all of them are that lucky)... pays nothing- because they know how to work this system...

Family from America- gets bills, cries and pays the bills...

Family from Russia- NON. they pay nothing NOt even a penny... Americans take care of them.

I know, not everybody gets this superior treatment... BUT if family from america drives BMW, lives in a great house.. Makes 100 000 dollars per year... and can handle lifestyle they live... And then add medical bills... life is over..
I often hear people say.. Oh, they drive a great car, they must have lot of money... yeah,, we have money to handle our "regular" expenses, but it does not include monthly extras like medical bills, emotional support, doctors appointments because health issues due stress...

Why can't America take care our OUR children first and then somebody else? Who the fuck are they trying to impress? the whole world--- LOOK, I took care of your health over our countries health..

Diana is mad and upset and ready to explode...

Sunday, February 03, 2008 that makes no sense

For a while I though I am going to close this blog, because I got sick of my negative side. I disgusted myself with my own negativity.. Not me at all..
I thought about it for a minute and said to myself.... So what? There is nice side to all of us and mostly we show that pretty side... but I know 100 percent ,that all of us also have that nasty i know it all side, and since most of us want to stay safe we only smile and nod and walk away from drama..

I have been watching Bad Girls Club( or whatever that show was), and I was watching that show with dropped jaw( I think it hit the floor......), and disbelief. HOW could anybody behave the way girls behaved in that show. It was purely disgusting.

They were spitting in food, peeing on countetops and sinks, getting drunk and wasted and yuck....

YOu know. I love to party once in a while. I like to get drunk once in a while. I know I look like fool and my face looks pretty screwed up... but There is no excuse for me to start a fight when I am drunk, or disrespect people.. But I am not drinking every night, I am not drinking for breakfast, for lunch or dinner.... When things really get out of hand? Why people start wanting to drink for brakfast? Why they feel like they can't stop drinking? WHat is their excuse? When does addictions start? IF I have glass of whine once a day during dinner- does it mean I am alcoholic? If I do not drink for couple of weeks, does it mean I am in remission and then after couple of weeks I had a drink I relapsed??
I am talking about it because - seems like "everybody" is checking in to rehabs. Is it next in thing to do to get publicity? Do I need publicity, attention? Should I check into rehab only because I really love my once in a while glass of wine and feel like I am addicted to cheese and wine? Is there addiction clinic for Cheese lovers? Because I like cheese on everything.....