Saturday, March 29, 2008


I just recovered from fuckin' flu. I was fine for 10 days. ONLY 10 DAYS??/ Thats all I get ?
Yesterday I went to bed 10.15 PM. And I woke up this morning 9 AM with a banging headache and nausea ... and swollen tonsils and ringing in my ears. Am I damned because I wrote badly about our health care system? Or Is it because people ask me why I am so anti Estonian( which I am not, or kind of I am uh whateva) Anyway, I am sick again and it feels like there is this huge rock tied to my chest.... Peppermint tea, camomille tea, echinasea tea or however you spell this anyway., vitamins, more camomille more peppermint, more fish and apples and gallons of water and chicken noodle soup. Oh I feel crappidy crappy .....


Lennuk said...

Sorry you have been sick! I bet it's not fun. I think that I have been lucky this year.
Hope the warmer weather will heal you!
You need to do Master Cleanse :))))

And I didn't know that you are so anti-Estonian. I have got opposite impression.

Kathy said...

What works pretty well for me for nausea, in addition to the sorts of stuff you're already doing, is tylenol and zantac (ranitidine) 150 mg.

If I take those I can usually function.

When my stomach is OK but I'm congested, I drink cranberry juice and my favorite thing is hot and sour soup (without MSG!). As spicy as you can tolerate it. Alternatively, Thai lemon grass soup.

Tastes great AND will unclog my sinuses / chest for hours.

Personally I think this is a well-deserved punishment for your misuse of the English language.

Now put on a goat and when you're feeling better, you can have a glass of whine.

Kathy said...

BTW, if you're still nauseated and you've got any of Regina's expensive antinausea meds lying around, those work better than just about anything else.

Zofran adult dose is 8 mg.

Don't ask me how I know.

ave said...

oh baby, i just arrived home and i felt down very badly in the metro, on the elevator, :(((((, i was collapsing, but like 007 i took my bus to home and here i am, bloody and in pains. I'll see, maybe i need 911....Yeah, it's dangerous to live...Get well!!!!