Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Finally I have something to bitch about... Well, not really, but I write about it anyway.
You all know my love for hair and hair color. crazy colors. I am not sure how, but whatever color I do my hair I look good.. ( yeah, you heard it right). Past month or 2 I have been walking around with pink hair. Kids LOVEd it, not sure about parents. I am sure they did not see me as THE best role model for their kids... hehe.. But who cares anyways. It is all about me and if I like it and can pull it off then screw them ;)

AND now. I thought that it was about time for change. So I bought a box of Revlon BLACK hair color and after 4 dollars, and 40 minutes I had spanking new hair. WOHOOO..

So today was really funny day.
Well, I really do not color my hair to get attention, I do it because I feel better about my self when I do something drastic. ANd from Pink To Black, it was pretty drastic.
So , today I did my regular thing. I went to pick up kids from school. And comments started flying in.. WOW, Black. YOU really can pull it off.. WOW, you look really sophisticated and classy.... ( whatever that means.... lol), after 20 comments I kind of wanted to disappear for a while, since I thought that was enough attention for a day... lol. Couple of people did not recognize me, since I was not PINK anymore. Oh what a day. Not much drama, but enough to last for a day.:)