Saturday, July 30, 2005


I should be cruising around and spending gas up to storm, but instead I am still without my #ucking car.
Last night when i went to pick it up, I suddenly got a call from "Horhe". " Mrs Tan, I belive I have some disturbing news. Your car is not ready. The seatbelt we ordered came in wrong, and it does not fit your car. "
OK, so I asked, when do you think it will finally be right? He sayd they ordered another one and it should come in around 5.30 pm. So 5.40 pm I got a call and he tells me that Mercedes sent in again wrong belt. SO I am still stuck to this fuckin beige mitch. UGH. I was sooo looking forward driving to airport on monday and pick my dh up from there. Now I am not going anywhere, because I don't want to drive to LA without navigation system. I am so bummed.
So today I went to Enterprise and extended rental. Of course I missed 30 day mark and showed up on day 41, but they were really nice about it and did not punish me for that. Punishment came when they charged my credit card for 1300 dollars. No big deal, I just bill to Farmers and get money reinbursed. OH. I am mad, but remain calm because i just don't know how really mad person should behave.

So there you go, I'm mad and you can do nothing about to calm me down. I think I eat some phish food now.

Friday, July 29, 2005


I called ot car repear place where my mercedes is getting extreme makover. IT IS FIXED NOW. I was supposed to pick it up yesterday, BUT, they forgot to replace the drivers side belt( the one you buckle your self up lol). So tonight around 4 pm i can finally pick up my car. Oh, I am soo exited. It has been long wait and long lonely 2 months and one week without it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Update about my sholder, bones...

Today I finally had a word with ortopedic surgeon. He belives that my injuries are related to my past workouts( weight lifting, bench presses etc). The cystic changes - those little cysts are fluid filled and most likely they have to do cortisone injections( oh, those are so painful).
I had them done on my hands 2 years ago. And I had to wear brace most of the time to keep my wrists on place ( it worked, but 3 days after I took my hand brace off , pain was back and I just deal with it)

AND I am weak jointed-I knew that allready, after half an hour warmout I can flex here and there.
TO try to fix the problem without cortisone injections and surgery I HAVE to see physical therapist 3 times a week for 4 weeks. AND other days I don't see therapist I have to do my little strengthening exsersises at least couple of hours per day. Not so happy about that. :(

(from online sourse)
What is shoulder bursitis?
Many patients seek medical attention for shoulder pain, and a common diagnosis given is 'shoulder bursitis,' or 'shoulder tendonitis.' The doctor will then often state that identifying which of these diagnosis is the true cause of pain is not important because the treatment is the same.

This is true. Shoulder bursitis and rotator cuff tendonitis are all ways of saying there is inflammation of a particular area within the shoulder joint that is causing a common set of symptoms. The best terminology for these symptoms is 'impingement syndrome.' Impingement syndrome occurs when there is inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons and the bursa that surrounds these tendons.

Where is the anatomical problem?
The shoulder is interesting in that several bones, muscles, and ligaments contribute to this complex joint.

Impingement syndrome, or shoulder bursitis, occurs when there is inflammation between the top of the humerus (arm bone) and the acromion (tip of the shoulder). Between these bones lies the tendons of the rotator cuff, and the bursa that protects these tendons.

Normally, these tendons slide effortlessly within this space. In some people this space becomes too narrow for normal motion, and the tendons and bursa become inflamed. Inflammation leads to thickening of the tendons and bursa, and contributes to the loss of space in this location. Eventually, this space becomes too narrow to accommodate the tendons and the bursa, and every time these structures move between the bones they are pinched--this is the impingement.What causes this problem?
Impingement syndrome is a descriptive term of pinching of the tendons and bursa of the rotator cuff between bones. In many individuals with this problem, the shape of their bones is such that they have less space than most others. Therefore, small thickenings of the tendons or bursa can cause symptoms. Often there is an initial injury that sets off the process of inflammation. Thereafter, the problem can be self-exacerbating. Once there is an initial injury, the tendons and bursa become inflamed. This inflammation causes a thickening of these structures. The thickening then takes up more space, and therefore the tendons and bursa become are pinched upon even more. This causes more inflammation, and more thickening of the tendons and bursa, and so on. What are the symptoms of shoulder bursitis/impingement syndrome?
Common symptoms include: Pain with overhead activities (arm above head height) Pain while sleeping at night Pain over the outside of the shoulder/upper arm

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nice face ;)

Nice face- where did you get it from ???
I think in OC almost everybody had some kind of plastic surgery or lasic retouching or lipo done. I often want to ask from " really" beautiful people, so, where did you buy your face from? Do you think that would sound little rude?? I'm just curious. I don't mind plastic surgery- infact- I need liposuction, new and fresher looking skin, porcelan vineers, boob lift, varicouse vein removal from my left leg, fuller pornstar lips, longer forhead, pointier cheeks and longer chin- is that to much?? I know after I have all these things done I still can make beautiful babies because I allready have 2 really cute kids. But what happens to those people who loook soooo incredibly perfect give birth to kids whose ears are 2 inches from head, teeth are extra long and crooked, and nose is just like huge baked potato. That would be so wrong, and then they get old enough to notice how different they are from their parents and ask from them- AM I ADOPTED?? THAT IS WILD!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

This Is Moon. i swear it is. I tryed to take a pic of full moon and that is how it came out.

Still pretty hot and uncomfy...

yes, I tryed to save some energy and not keep my AC on all day , but it was very bad idea. fans just did not do its work. It got way to hot and Around noon I hade to turn AC back again. I am not looking forward receiving our electricity bill this month. I guess it will be around 400 dollars.

But now to a different topic. Why is it that I have such a hard time making new friends or maintaining relationships with people? I know I am not very outgoing when It comes to aproaching people and talking to them but still. Lot of the times I am just to scared to make a first step because of my poor English. But when I do make that first step then I get treated like everybody hase to educate me about life in USa, and the rules and the tricks and treats.
I have been since june 1st, 1998, and have learned every single thing about culture and people, and how to get things done, and how to pay bills and how to smile even when you feel like showing your tongue or jumping into someones throat because what they say just makes no sence.

Both of my kids go to daycare but I really don't know any of the parents. There are couple of them out of about 50 parents I communicate, but that is it( about 25 in gabes class and 25 in Reginas). And when I start conversation with someone I feel like lunatic because I have nothing in common with them, and all I hear Is blah, blah blah, blah blah. Do I sound to rude now??? I think I just make wrong choises making friends. Let me give you one very rude example. Mom stays home, has cleaning lady come 3 times a week, gardener twice a week, get food catered every nigh, have personal stylists, interior designesr,all the laundry gets washed by somebody else etc. yes, I am stay at home mom now, but I do all the stuff that comes with being SAHM. You know what I mean???
And more I meet people like this more frustrated I get because I want somebody in my league, but in this area where I live it gets harder and harder to find people with whom I really click.

I guess I just live in wrong area......

This is my bitter post of the month....

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Stop the heat, or reduce it. It is way to hot, way to humid and way to uncomfy to even walk from garage to car- which is about 10 steps. Bad weather always gives me headaches and since weather sucks, I got headache and hunger for Ice cream or frozen yogurt. I am also craving one of those million calorie DQ Peanut Buster® Parfait- anything cold and sweet sounds good now.
Then I really want to eat some deep fryed chicken from KFC, I have not had deep fryed chicken for ages, and I also want to eat some Hooters spciy naked chickenwings( buffalo)- Those are the best wings in whole wide world- I swear ;)

No, I am not finished talking about food. NO. I really want to eat lots of lobsters and crablegs,and I want to drink some hard draft apple cider. Then when I still feel hungry, I will go to fatburger and big out on one of theyr best and biggest burgers .... I guess i am done now. I guess I am just tired of eating healty diet foods that make me gain weight ( like chocolate). lol

Oh food, oh food, oh food. Why can't I live without you ??

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Update about my car. I called to repears today andI almost fainted- my contact dude missunderstood my name and sayed that he has not started working on my car yet- LOL Guess what, there was Diana Tang( my last name is Tan) , who also had ML accident and Jose thought I was that Diana. I swear, he almost gave me an heart attack. :lol. ANyway, my car is all together and right now it is waiting to be painted. So I guess on tuesday I have my car back. IT IS ABOUT TIME.

Monday, July 18, 2005

How do you like my tanktop?? Mrs Tan. I think I ordered it from

MRI- update.

Last thursday I had sholder MRI that was such a horrible experiense. I was told I have to be extra careful and extra still because it is harder to get good sholder MRI's. So there I was lying on table- still and panicking. But I managed to keep it still and for 30 minutes I think I stopped breathing.

Results are in and they are not what I wanted to hear. There is lot of swelling going on beetween the bone joints- which is ok. BUT there are also few( or a lot) of tiny cysts that should not be there- but they are , and I'm about to panic because I have no idea why I have them there or what kind of cysts are they.
Tomorrow I will call to orthopedic surgen and discuss our next step.
This injury is not because of car accident I had on may 23d, it is just one of those grazy coincidents that happen to people like us.

I hate mondays, usually when something bad happens on Monday, then bad luck will follow rest of the week.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I created new blog.

I created it to store some of my handscrapped and digital scrapped scrapbooking layouts. If you get a chance take a look. I posted about 10 layouts today. If I get more pics taken then I will post more.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

My snack ;)

Tomatos, cookies and more...

Today started 9am for us. My kids and I attended one of Gabes classmates B day at Scooters Jungle. 2 hours of bouncing, sliding and dougnuts we were ready to get back home. cakes and doughnuts on saturday mornings can be fatal for your nice diet routine. For an exapmple- today I had one doughnut, one rye bagel with low fat cream cheese, one slice of Birthday cake, 6 medium chocolate chip cookies, 1 gallon of water, one starbucs non fat caramel frapuccino, 9 grapetomatoes, one midium cucumber, 1 smoked polish sausage, 1 cosmopolitan, 10 pieces of shewing gum, one lollipop,1/3 slice of pizza, 3 pieces of gabriels macaroni and 1 cup of coffee, because I just had to drink it and then I was jittery all day long. THIS is my todays menu. I never, ever ever ever eat that much during the day- I meant that many sweets. Horrible, if you don't call that PMS then what?? Again, I made myself promise I will not eat any real sugar tomorrow, but I don't think I will follow through- I still have 6 chocolate chip cookies with fudge filling.

ONLY healty part about my day was my own garden grown tomatoes and cucumbers with white vinegar dressing ( Yep, for 3 weeks now I have been eating our own fresh veggies. :)
So please guys, send me some sugar free vibes here. I really need them now more than ever, if I don't stop eating today, then tomorrow will be even worse day. ;) I have to find some extra busy activities to do tomorrow so I will not think about all the good sweet treats out in thise wild world. :)

Good night sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.......
Always your, sugarfilled extra hyper Diana.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm such a dork....;)


  • It has been really quiet up here. Nothing much going on besides taking care of 2 perfectly cute kids and cleaning.
  • I still don't have my car and I have not the slightest clue when Will I get my car back.
  • I've been goint to movies a lot. My latest movie adventures-
  1. Charlie and the Chocolate factory- Liked it, made me want to eat more chocolate
  2. Herby fully lodade- Really cute and funny movie, classical Disney.
  3. Batman begins- LOVED IT. SO good
  4. Fantastic 4- I went to see it with low expectations but It came out nice movie experiense. Also loved it.
  5. War Of the Worlds- OH MY GAWD- THIS is awsome movie, I was clued to screen, I think I was watching it my mouth wide open. That's , how great this movie was. :)
Now, I really want to see Wedding crashers and Dark Water- 2 totally different movies, but they both have actors in that I like a lot. So Maybe tomorrow I will go to see dark water and beginning of next week Wedding crashers.
I think I am movie nut. I would sit in the theater all day long and watch all the movies( does not matter if good or bad) that are on at that moment.
What about you? What was your last movie you saw on big screen and how was it?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Why I can not drive my dh's car. I really dislike all the stick shifts with 2 seats right now.!!!! HA lol


This is how mu morning started today. I still don't have my car and I have to drive that mitchubishi thing. Things have been real slow with my car , REAL slow. I was told that I may have my car by friday( that past friday). But nothing. So today I called them and asked WHAT's up? THE problem is, the part that was supposed to come in on last wednesday did not come in. They have to order some parts from Germany and that is wht takes so much time. They still don't have that part and because of that they even can not work on my car, but to make me feel better, he told me that there was another ML that was waiting for the same part( huuuge front piece that has to be welted( or whatever it is called when you attach something with that hot thing) on. So now we are waiting and waiting and waiting and I am about finished with waiting bit longer. I WANT MY OWN CAR BACK that has navigation system and parking sensor and music that tunes itself louder when there is too much noise in the car and I want those horsepowers back and I want to start polluting USA again. DAMN, is it too much to ask. ???? lol

But I do have to mention- one thing that I like about my rental mitchubishi is that it does not take much gaslin. I tank once in 2 weeks and I am done. with my ML I had to tank twice a week because it ate toooo much gaslin and only wanted the best one V Pover from shell. lol

OK. Now all of you just wait with me.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bad day.

First - I am getting sick. I can not breath through my nose and my temp is slowly increasin. Right now it is 99,5.
Second- my sholder hurts like hell. Even prescription painkillers are not taking my pain away. So I went to see doctor today. I told him that I had car accident month ago and pain is still there. He sayed if there was bone fracture , it should have heeled by now and I should not be in pain and the painkillers should have taken care of pain. X rays show nothing- he gave me prescription to get an MRI next week and he made me do all sorts of weird moves to get an better idea where pain is and when it attacs. It was one painful experience. :(
Beginning of next week I have to call my insurance and confirm with them my upcoming MRI. IF mri does not show anything then I don't know what to do next. I have to carry grosserys, drive a car, clean, cook etc. It is not fun to live with constant pain. :( I want to be pain free.
Oh, and sometimes fingers on my left hand get numb. I guess nerves are affected also. :( I wanna cry and scram now. :(

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smellin' good :D:D

I guess I just fell off the wagon- bloging wagon. I have time to write, but there is so many other things to do during the day- like cleaning, and cooking and cleaning and laundry and more cleaning and messing up the house so I could start cleaning again. I also rediscovered 0nline game portal) and I play my atlantic slots just for fun. I only spend 15-20 minutes playing because I know if I start playing longer, I will get addicted- I get addicted very easily. And all the addictions are bad, very bad. They are very hard to brake.

Today I want to tell you about my favorite smells, scents etc. I did some laundry today and couple of my shirts are handwash and line dry only. So I washed them and hang them out to dry. After they had tryed I took them in and sensed this amasing fresh scent- those of you who have done laundry this way know what I am talking about. I call this scent oxygen. I just stuck my nose into my shirt and took a deep breath over and over again to experience this amazing feeling that took over me. I felt energized and happy :) IT takes a clean, good smelling laundry to make me happy. lol

Other totally different kind of smell I like is -Lancome , Tresor. I just LOOOOVE it. It is THE only perfume I am wearing. Tresor smells really nice and fresh. It is very happy and classy smells. it is the only perfume that does not make me sick. I get headaches and sometimes I even get nausiated being around "wrong" scent. I don't mind different kinds of perfumes, I just mide if somebody wears WAY to much perfume. The rule of smelling good is- wear that much perfume that you don't sence the scent- others will pick it up. OK. That is it for tonight.
What is your favorite smell.???

Friday, July 01, 2005

Freeky Friday

Oh so freeky. Today, as I was driving to Gabriels doctor to take him to his annual check-up, I kept thinking- "what if, the road I have to turn is closed down because there is huge car accident- kind of like chain reaction, which road should I take then? As I was aproaching that intersection I noticed loooong lines of cars. Road was closed down and there was accident investigation going on. I saw 4 , pretty badly damaged cars and lots and lots of people standing outside. So I had to make early turn and find other way to Gabriels doctor.

I felt so weird, because minutes earlier I just thought about it, and now - Here it was, right in front of me- accident I predicted earlier. Anyway, I have to get my head checked because I have been predicting a lot of things lately and I don't really like it .

We finally made it to the doctor and when gabriel got his vaccinations done , he screamed like group of little girls( really loud, tooooo loud, painfully loud lol) . His vision is good, his hearing is good, his height and weight are right on target. :)