Friday, July 01, 2005

Freeky Friday

Oh so freeky. Today, as I was driving to Gabriels doctor to take him to his annual check-up, I kept thinking- "what if, the road I have to turn is closed down because there is huge car accident- kind of like chain reaction, which road should I take then? As I was aproaching that intersection I noticed loooong lines of cars. Road was closed down and there was accident investigation going on. I saw 4 , pretty badly damaged cars and lots and lots of people standing outside. So I had to make early turn and find other way to Gabriels doctor.

I felt so weird, because minutes earlier I just thought about it, and now - Here it was, right in front of me- accident I predicted earlier. Anyway, I have to get my head checked because I have been predicting a lot of things lately and I don't really like it .

We finally made it to the doctor and when gabriel got his vaccinations done , he screamed like group of little girls( really loud, tooooo loud, painfully loud lol) . His vision is good, his hearing is good, his height and weight are right on target. :)

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