Friday, July 29, 2005


I called ot car repear place where my mercedes is getting extreme makover. IT IS FIXED NOW. I was supposed to pick it up yesterday, BUT, they forgot to replace the drivers side belt( the one you buckle your self up lol). So tonight around 4 pm i can finally pick up my car. Oh, I am soo exited. It has been long wait and long lonely 2 months and one week without it.

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Anonymous said...

Way too COOL!!! OK now put in some good music feed the kids and drive and I'll bet they are sleeping by the time you head back home!!! If not dimatap worked on ours!!!! OK I'm not some mom who drugged her kids all the time but I did on long road trips at the advice of a doctor I used to work with who used to do it to his kids!!! HA HA I'm so happy your car is coming back!!!!!!!! Does it have a name???? Silly I know but my dad used to name his cars so I have passed that down to my kids!!! Have a great weekend and go for a cruise for me, please!!!!!!!!!!