Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bad day.

First - I am getting sick. I can not breath through my nose and my temp is slowly increasin. Right now it is 99,5.
Second- my sholder hurts like hell. Even prescription painkillers are not taking my pain away. So I went to see doctor today. I told him that I had car accident month ago and pain is still there. He sayed if there was bone fracture , it should have heeled by now and I should not be in pain and the painkillers should have taken care of pain. X rays show nothing- he gave me prescription to get an MRI next week and he made me do all sorts of weird moves to get an better idea where pain is and when it attacs. It was one painful experience. :(
Beginning of next week I have to call my insurance and confirm with them my upcoming MRI. IF mri does not show anything then I don't know what to do next. I have to carry grosserys, drive a car, clean, cook etc. It is not fun to live with constant pain. :( I want to be pain free.
Oh, and sometimes fingers on my left hand get numb. I guess nerves are affected also. :( I wanna cry and scram now. :(

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lennuk said...

oh, i hope you will find out what is wrong.
i have lately back pain, but it have been because of my busy days.
i try to sit up straight and beg for the massages from hubby....