Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smellin' good :D:D

I guess I just fell off the wagon- bloging wagon. I have time to write, but there is so many other things to do during the day- like cleaning, and cooking and cleaning and laundry and more cleaning and messing up the house so I could start cleaning again. I also rediscovered 0nline game portal) and I play my atlantic slots just for fun. I only spend 15-20 minutes playing because I know if I start playing longer, I will get addicted- I get addicted very easily. And all the addictions are bad, very bad. They are very hard to brake.

Today I want to tell you about my favorite smells, scents etc. I did some laundry today and couple of my shirts are handwash and line dry only. So I washed them and hang them out to dry. After they had tryed I took them in and sensed this amasing fresh scent- those of you who have done laundry this way know what I am talking about. I call this scent oxygen. I just stuck my nose into my shirt and took a deep breath over and over again to experience this amazing feeling that took over me. I felt energized and happy :) IT takes a clean, good smelling laundry to make me happy. lol

Other totally different kind of smell I like is -Lancome , Tresor. I just LOOOOVE it. It is THE only perfume I am wearing. Tresor smells really nice and fresh. It is very happy and classy smells. it is the only perfume that does not make me sick. I get headaches and sometimes I even get nausiated being around "wrong" scent. I don't mind different kinds of perfumes, I just mide if somebody wears WAY to much perfume. The rule of smelling good is- wear that much perfume that you don't sence the scent- others will pick it up. OK. That is it for tonight.
What is your favorite smell.???


lennuk said...

Diana, I know what you are talking about.
I usually do my laundry at work. But couple weeks ago I was on vacation and needed to do laundry at home. As outside was such a warm weather and our dryer is very slow, I hung all my laundry outside to dry.
WHAT A WONDERFUL SMELL! I sniffed it, I sniffed it more and I was back in time...
Now I am hooked.

Perfumes - Alfred Sung Sung, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist (maybe too sweet, but hubby loves it), and some more...

Sleeping Beauty said...

Cashmere Mist is great scent.:D