Thursday, July 21, 2005


Stop the heat, or reduce it. It is way to hot, way to humid and way to uncomfy to even walk from garage to car- which is about 10 steps. Bad weather always gives me headaches and since weather sucks, I got headache and hunger for Ice cream or frozen yogurt. I am also craving one of those million calorie DQ Peanut Buster® Parfait- anything cold and sweet sounds good now.
Then I really want to eat some deep fryed chicken from KFC, I have not had deep fryed chicken for ages, and I also want to eat some Hooters spciy naked chickenwings( buffalo)- Those are the best wings in whole wide world- I swear ;)

No, I am not finished talking about food. NO. I really want to eat lots of lobsters and crablegs,and I want to drink some hard draft apple cider. Then when I still feel hungry, I will go to fatburger and big out on one of theyr best and biggest burgers .... I guess i am done now. I guess I am just tired of eating healty diet foods that make me gain weight ( like chocolate). lol

Oh food, oh food, oh food. Why can't I live without you ??


Anonymous said...

It's very, very hot in New York too and has been all week. Reading your message got me to thinking--there are absolutely no Dairy Queens anywhere in the New York/Long Island area. The closest ones are in New Jersey. Very strange. KFC was popular when I was younger and it was called Kentucky Fried Chicken, then it closed a lot of locations, and now, recently it has started opening new ones. They re-did a supermarket in Valley Stream recently and now in the same small shopping center is a KFC, Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robbins, pizza and Chinese--and a bank, so you can get money to keep eating!!
Carol :)

Anonymous said...

It is just hot every where! It is very hot and humid here also and we are in a severe drought. Yuck! I am very fortunate to live in a tiny town cause we have NO fast food joints. The closest is over 1/2 hour away and I wont drive that far for something to eat. Of course I can and do make up excuses to go that far like to go shopping or whatever. I still manage to find the junk food though. Take care and sending you "good food vibes" and "get well vibes" for Regina. Take care and stay cool!

Melissa Starr (Gs mom)

Sleeping Beauty said...

We have fast food places on every step we take, we really are not fast food eaters, but those late night commercials just make food look so freekin' delicious, and makes me feel like I am missing out on something really extra special.:lol

Carol- I never had Dairy Queen in my life, but I drive past it every time we go to the toy store. One of my friends is DQ junkie, and she just keeps bugging me about going there. So thanks to her I want to have that.... Bad influense.

Ihope weather cools down wherever you are so we can breathe easier.

lennuk said...

I have been eating cherryes (I could eat couple of pounds in an hour), watermelon and... ice cream. Good excuse - to keep me cool in this hot weather.
Attention! We will go to Scotsdale, AZ next week! ("What the heck AZ in July?" - thats what we are getting from the people).
115 F!!!!!!!!!!! It is going to be great vacation, isn't it????
My hubbys arrangment! LOL. LOL. I love him for that!

Sleeping Beauty said...

I guess with that weather you can fry eggs on a rock. lol Have hot fun and take lot of pictures :)

lennuk said...

photos about what? thermometer? to prove that we are crazy!!!???
there is huge pool. i will probably live in there.
my hubby was excited about jaquzzy. hm???