Saturday, June 23, 2007


REgina is fighting hard for her life right now. Her tiny smart brain is filled with multiple tiny tumors that grow minute by minute. I was told that we are leaving hospital and take her home next week to make her last few months as comfortable as possible . I was told that chemo will not work this time even thought some oncologists may recommend it.
I wrote little more in my Life as it is blog


Regina and Co.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Keep everything crossed...

I just finished filling out my resume online. YES, I am job hunting. It is about time. lol I am 29 and done being stay at home administrative assistant/mom/cleaning lady/chef/carpenter- It is time to update my resume.... Now, just keep everything crossed because I have been rejected way to many times- Bed, bath and beyond, Barnes and Noble, Linen's Things, Maycis.

If costco rejects me, my next step is Trader Joes. I love Trader Joes.!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007


new gyn- I like her.., pap smear, breast exam, pelvic exam, low but health blood pressure, prescription for anti depressants - celexa,, but I got generic brand and got it for free. It is weird... I took my first pill, and all i did was yawn all day long, kind of like I want to throw up , but instead I am going to yawn... haha... Doctro told me not do drink any alcoholic beverages at first, so I know what are side effects.... lol Bummer, and I was hoping to open bottle of whiskey and finish it up.....Yawwwwnnnnn.

ALSO, leila, my good friend Leila thinks I am fat. She does.. How sad is this.. Today she sent me email with Allure Total Makeover ... With this, and slim fast and Celexa , and vegetables I'll be able to drop 10 lbs in 6 weeks... At least I am hoping so....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dinner in a glass...

5 mini carrots
4-5 grape tomatoes
5 oz tomato juice
5 OZ kefir
about half a cup of ice
tabasco ( as much as you like),

Blend it in a blender.... Oh so refreshing.. SO delicious :):) I'm in a blended , pureed food kick right now. Organic of course.. I even baked 90 % organic cookies. lol...
Few days ago I did clense/detox round, AND OMG. I am FULL on toxins. Headaches, blemishes, more headaches and MOre blemishes, and OF course I have to pick them until they get infected... Oh darn, I have to tie my hands behind my back , so I can stop squeezing...

Now more interesting topic for your ears. My question to you is- DO YOU LIKE YOUR OB/GYN?? Mine decided to become stay at home mom ( she was mine OB for 5 years), and now, tomorrow, I am going to see other GYN in same office. THey have about 10 gynecologist there , so it is hard to choose, but I went with my gut feeling... Anyway, I HATE changing doctors as personal as GYNs. lol Do you know that GYN's will remember your vagina instead of your face... So if you see your GYN second time and she did not recognize you , but then , when you lie there, your privates exposed to this world to see , you hear that" OH, NOW I REMEMBER... haha... do not fall out of your chair.. Just accept the fact that GYNs will remember your privates, dentists will remember you by your teeth, and your oncologist will recognize you by studding your brain scans.... ;)

have a nice JUNE...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Major PMS..

Tempting??? Isn't it???

yes, it is that time again... OMG. I can not take my PMS. I absolutely hate it. Mood swings, body breakouts, dizzy spells, "blond"moments.. And weirdest one of them all-- my reactions slow down. I AVOID driving during PMS, because I can't spread my attention , and I get horrible anxiety attacks, and I get those weird hungry spells, but I can not keep my food down.. YUCK..
BUT what is strange about my PMS period , is that I get this kind of feelings every other month. Right now I cant keep my food down, BUT next month, I will eat everything onsite... EVERYTHING. So Now I rather deal with acne than gain

Now about my slim fast. :) YUMMM. This is what I did with my slim fast today.
1 scoop slim fast powder
1/2cup ice
1 banana
4 oz orange juice
4 oz prune juice
3 oz carrot juice
2 strawberries...
I blended it in blender and YUMMOOOOOOO , so fullfilling. SOOO GOOD. AND for my surprize it really took my hunger away for 5 hours... I love slim fast :)

ARE they for REAL???

Please tell me, this website is joke.. It can't be real.. I know people eat exotic animals but THIS??? Pet lovers,,, very disturbing...