Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dinner in a glass...

5 mini carrots
4-5 grape tomatoes
5 oz tomato juice
5 OZ kefir
about half a cup of ice
tabasco ( as much as you like),

Blend it in a blender.... Oh so refreshing.. SO delicious :):) I'm in a blended , pureed food kick right now. Organic of course.. I even baked 90 % organic cookies. lol...
Few days ago I did clense/detox round, AND OMG. I am FULL on toxins. Headaches, blemishes, more headaches and MOre blemishes, and OF course I have to pick them until they get infected... Oh darn, I have to tie my hands behind my back , so I can stop squeezing...

Now more interesting topic for your ears. My question to you is- DO YOU LIKE YOUR OB/GYN?? Mine decided to become stay at home mom ( she was mine OB for 5 years), and now, tomorrow, I am going to see other GYN in same office. THey have about 10 gynecologist there , so it is hard to choose, but I went with my gut feeling... Anyway, I HATE changing doctors as personal as GYNs. lol Do you know that GYN's will remember your vagina instead of your face... So if you see your GYN second time and she did not recognize you , but then , when you lie there, your privates exposed to this world to see , you hear that" OH, NOW I REMEMBER... haha... do not fall out of your chair.. Just accept the fact that GYNs will remember your privates, dentists will remember you by your teeth, and your oncologist will recognize you by studding your brain scans.... ;)

have a nice JUNE...


lennuk said...

You are funny!
I like my gyn. I was surprised to see her remembering me by face.
Good luck to you!
Do you prefer male or female gyn? I prefer female!

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol.. it's done. I like my new one. She is "older" lady, little bit shy side ;) But she is very gentle, to compare with my "oldies":
I had male gyn once. OMG. I was so uncomfortable with him. It was right after gabriel was born, and my Gyn went back to Irak, to offer free services there.. And then I had her partner "do" me... AND OMG,he was tough , REALLY tough.....

Kathy said...

My OB/GYN is male, he's been my OB/GYN now for over 15 years.

He delivered Steven and one of his partners, a woman, delivered Sean.

I like all of the doctors in that office, they are all gentle and so nice.

At least a man won't decide to be a "stay-at-home-mom" most of the time.

BTW, I have some other dinner suggestions for you-- the one you suggested sounds really good except for the kefir, it sounds like it might taste better with shrimp.

You could always have a can of Bin Laden or you could order some of this, what do you think?