Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Last night , as I went out for my nightly "smoke" brake, I noticed his fat spider decorating my backyard. The web he was working on was just beautiful. I am scared of spiders, I don't like spiders, but all this just but in in the mood for some Halloween fun. :) Spider is still there today, and his/hers web is up . I think I will hit the stores today or tomorrow , so I could get some Fall stuff to make my house fall friendly. lol. Right Now i am so tired of all the crap that is going around. NO1- I have bladder infection- Not fun, not fun at all. I have to take antibiotics for 10 days and then some meds that turn my pee into halloween orange- so weird. Then I still have problems with Estonian National Car Rental, because they are just being jerks and not sending me the information I need. So I contacted National Us office and they are helping me to get all the paperwork in order , so I can get my money back from Visa. It all sucks. I never , ever , ever ever rent from national again. I want to say thanks to my Friend in Estonia, who has been helping me to straighten things out, but even they get treated really badly . :( IT is just sad. And then Gabriel has weird pumps all over his body. Not chicken pox, We don't know what it is. Doctor took some blood to check for allergies, but we do not know the resaults yet. Just waiting.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

OH, I forgot to mention. GKTW does parents night outs on sundays and wednesdays. So I signed up because we thought it would be nice for my husgand and I to have some one on one time together. After we dropped off Regina and Gabe to Magical Castle, we finally got to know where we were assinged to eat. We went to Angels Diner- we also got 25 dollar certificate to eat there and cell phone( well that was like GKTW emergency phone that we had to take from them). Angels dines had to parts- diner part and buffet part. We decided to go to buffet since it had lobsters, crablegs, shrimp, oysters and ribs, and all the other foods I will not mention because we did not eat them. So after 5 lobsters and 3 pieces of cake I was full lol.. Since we chose to eat in Buffet area we had to pay 34 more dollars, since 25 dollar gift certificate simply did not cover it all.....

I make my business- your business....( wish granting, MAW trip vent)

So , where should I start? I guess It really does not matter, becuase I will tell you everything but the truth. ;)

Lets start from beginning. In February 2 volunteers from MKW came to our house to interview Regina about her wish. From start, I just did not like those 2 middle aged successful chicks, who did such a great job granting kids wishes. They just seemed so "fake". One of them was successful realtor and other- I forgot. They "pretended" that they listened, but they really did not.
Then Wish Granting time arrived in sept 12th. They wanted to do this thing as close to Reginas trip as possible( whatever reasons).
Reginas wish as you all know was to meet all the princesses in Florida Disneyworld( she calls it that way). She wanted to have group pic with them on her B Day and eat Princess Birthday cake. Regina told them that herself, without me stepping in.
So those volunteers recommended that Goofys Kitchen In Disneyland Hotel would be great place to let her know that she got her trip. All I had to do is to agree, because I thought they really knew what they were doing.
We were there 5.30pm, and were told not to be late because there was surprise waiting for us. You know what was the surprise??? THEY WERE HALF AN HOUR LATE!!!! *(&^&*(%&*^$ > I was mad. I swear. I was really, really , really mad. I was expecting this fairytale greeting from them and all i got was pissy receptionist who told us that we can not go into restaurant without them.( well Those "girls" told us to go into restaurant.). Receptionist told us if we pay we get in or just wait the other people here in the waiting area. We waited and they finally arrived with SMILES on theyr faces and even did not apologise that they were late. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I "smiled" also and just thought, oh well, maybe there is surprise waiting inside( lol, I really sound desparate). We get in, get our table, and that is it. NO fireworks, no princess related stuff, no surprises. We started eating and chatting and eating and chatting, and they ( those 2 were just talking about theyr vacations- european cruise vacation, btw) and we just sat there and waited until they have finished chatting. Then finally they remembered that OH, We have tickets and all the info you need about your trip. So they handed us tickets and spending money and DORA backback full of dollar store/ Target dollar Isle junk. ( oh, there was one princess coloring book, that must have been that promised surprise). And that was it. Duh, I guess they thought I was some dumb Russian chick---( yeah, they did ask how was life In Russia and about russian president- LIKE I KNOW. They asked this question after I explaned them like third time where i am from and that I DO not speak russian. ) --- and taking us to Restaurant is like fun thing to do. :D:D:D:D

Anyway.... We did get our limo ride to airport 4.30AM ( dang, our neighbors were sleeping and did not see that we got VIP treatment. DANG again.). We did get rental Car( Brand new Chevy SUV- 5 miles on it.) and 4 round trip ticets to Orlando and back, And we did get awsome villa in GKTW. ( Give kids The world) AND Refrigirator full of coke and Ice tea. That made me just laugh, because when Regina was interviewed they asked what were Reginas favorite drinks and snacks- which were at a time, Milk, orange juice, jucy juice, and Pepsi. On same night we went out and got ourselves lots and lots of water, because tap water tasted like pee ( sry).

Now, let me tell you abotu GKTW. All of you who have lived in Ronald Mc Donald house know those famous all you can eat dinneres. lol. Anyway, Gingerbread house( restaurant) kind of served the same kind of food. Lots of that kind of food( pasta, lasagna, burgers, hot dogs, tacos, chicken nuggets etc), you know those foods out of freezer. I do want to thank you all the volunteers who did awsome job serving those foods and cleaning up tables and doing fun chit chatting with people. :):):):) That was great. But you know, we would have really enjoyed hotel better because at least hotels have room service . lol Did loved GKTW only because of merry go rounds and unlimited access to ICE CREAM AND PIZZA ( I ganed 3 lbs because of eating ice cream for breakfast, dinner and midnight snack. )
IT is an amazing place for kids. Fun, friendly and safe. But this place just brought back so many bad memories from past. We saw lots of kids there for whoom this trip was the last one. And I felt so bad and depressed after I spoke to some parents. :(:(:( But that is the reality and GKTW helps make some dreams come true. :)

OH and biggest uuuuuuuups arrived on 18th of September. I went to pick up Reginas B Cake from front desk.( they provide cakes for B Girls/boys- cakes from Wal Mart) . When I got the cake I almost fell flat on floor. WHY, you ask. But because my dear people of world IT LOOKED plain and fallish with fall leaf sprinkles and some icing hills. I was about to start crying because I really, really was expecting Princess cake. I swear, my expectations were much higher. :( I thought for sure that Regina hates the cake and she remembers that she wanted to have princess cake. So in the morning we sang her happy B day and served her cake. She did look at it for a long while and then decided to taste it. And she liked it. :):):):) BUT IT WAS NOT WHAT HER WISH WAS!!!!!!!! DUH. What is wrong with me? .... She was happy and enjoyed her trip, but all I do is whine and complain. :(

After day was over 19th) I asked where she wanted to eat her B day Dinner. She chose Chilis- her favorite restaurant in whole wide world. ;) She ate pizza and french fries and then we ordered chocolate molten cake - OH THAT WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN ORLANDO. lol It was amazing. And we got her Sleeping Beauty dress from gift store ( 90 frekkkking dollllaros), but since we had spending money, we really did not care. lol

on 20th we went to Sea World and it was sea world with extra sea falling from the sky. We went to see dolfin and killer whale show- amazing show, we got front row seats - or course. and everywhere we went we got treated with highest respect. :) Seaworld was awsome :) They love GKTW children and do anything to make theyr stay comfy and fun :)

And on 21st we flew back home and landed after Jet Blue had to do emergency landing. And then Limo picked us up and around 8PM we were back home , and again our neighbors did not see our beautiful while extra long Lincoln limo. lol
- anyway- Universal( 2 parks)- Thumbs up
-Disney Magic Kingdom- thumbs halfway up- because princesses ran away from us and didnot want to greet us. :(- but we really did enjoy all the rides we took on that day - about 8 rides- And no waiting on lines and no late fees. ;lol
-MGM- really cool
-And Sea World- thumbs up

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Don't be alarmed. I'll be back with whiny and pissy updates. I just enjoyed my daughters vacation and accumulated lots of PMS 24/7 material. Trust me, worst is yet to come.....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

credit card fraud

I got my credit card bill today. Nothing unusual about that, we get it monthly. ;lol But what was unusually weird was one statement- Natural beauty, Memphis Tn, - 104.28. It was chardged on 28th of August( I was nowhere near to memphis). When my dh called credit company , he was told that it was phoned in order. Not from me, I have no Idea what is natural beauty, and I have no Idea what it sells. So after little chit chat with Chase- they will remove that 104.28 from our card, cancer our old card and issue us new cards. Freeky, huh? SO all of you out there check your monthly bills carefully- we have auto payments set up, but after this we cancelled auto pay. i think if my bill was more that 400 dollars I would not have noticed it, but since I knew that I have not shopped much during that past month something just smelled stinky.

So people, fess up? Who used my creditcard number to purchase some "NAtural beauty???


First , I would like to thank my awsome doctor. He is miracle worker.
On friday morning I woke up with horrible body aces, sore throat, bangin headace and racing heart. I was unable to move- pain was bad. But sine I have 2 kids who need me, and one of them had to go to school, I just took my last energy that was left and went downstairs to get ready. After we dropped Gabe to school, I took Regina with me to my docs office. Regina was on meds and she slept most of the time. She even did not wake up when doctor was checking me out.

Combination of meds he gave me took my pain away 3 hours after I took my first pill( antibiotic), my congested head was not congested anymore and my sore throat was history on Saturday morning. I still have to take meds for 10 more days, but wow, all I can say is wow. Never ever meds worked so well.

Regina is also feeling much better and is ready for her Make A Wish trip on 16th of september. :) Wohooo.

SECOND---- My dh is returing home from china. yeah to that. He did mention that he has bad cold, but I'm not worried much about it.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I like myself in mornings, because my tummy is nice and flat. Around 5 pm my tuumy starts growing and 9 AM looks like I am about to give birth.... I have to do some serious abwork..

back home...

If you have not read Reginas St jude adventures yet, then please go there and you get the Idea what is going on . :)

OH, I'm so tired but I can not fall asleep. I'm stuffed with food but I'm still hungry. I have been stuffin myself since monday- ribs, chicken, pork, coke, pork rinds, diet coke, diet pepsi, fanta, more pork, bread, candy, hamburger buns with bbq sauce etc. Hunger is horrible feeling. It gives me nightmares. I dream about pigs roasting on a open fire and some dude from germany is making sure meat is ready. Then I had a dream about me moving to mars, because there is more space for me and I don't have to pay money to shop. What was that dream all about??? And then I had dream about me getting sick and when I woke up this past morning I was sick- I think Regina " borrowed" her germs , so I could get a clue how bad she really is feeling. And When I am sick I am usually hungry, and when I am sick, I can not taste food. Food has no taste whatsoever and then I keep eating and eating, hoping to taste something finally. And then I finally get it- DUH, I can not taste the food, why do I keep eating things if nothing tastes at all. I'm confusing myself again.

Today I really, really had to go to restroom, but phone rang and Instead heading to restroom I picked up the phone and started talking. After 5 minutes of chitchat I decided to quit the conversation because I had to pick up Gabe from school. BUT there I was standing , in the middle of my family room, thinking, what did I forget to do? I thought and thought and thought and I forgot. I carried Regina to car, sat on my comfy drivers seat and started driving- AND THEN IT HIT ME!!!!!! I NEED TO PEEEEEEEE.... How could I forget such and important thing????

Oh- I forgot to add. I had hot Thera Flu( powder+hot water= buzzzzzzz) I feel like I'm drunk AND hungry now.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

PMS is kicking in...

yeah, tell me about it. TOmorrow early morning 5 am , taxi will pick us up and take us to OC airport. Our flight is around 7 am. Then we have to change planes and we only have 30 minutes to do so. I am so mad at St Jude travel office this time. ARE THEY GRAZY??? THEy give me and regina only 30 minutes to run from one end of airport to other. And airtraffic these days is horrible always late, always delayed. WTF. If we miss our flight tomorrow then it is not our fault. We'll be in St Jude around 2pm. ANd then we have nothing to do until 7.45 am on 6th of Sept.

I feel like I am flying to Vegas. It is all about cambling . You insert the coin and you eather win or loose. In Vegas I usually loose.....But that is ok. It is just a money...

But we are talking about My daughter here- we have to get the best news possible WE HAVE TO...., we hope to win . Good news for me is winning. And clean scans, no more damage to her hearing, good P/T check up apointment- those good news will make my next 3 months the happiest ever. :)

Talk to you later.
Here is a pic of my 19 year old brother Tiim, who lives in Southern Estonia and who just graduated from high school. Now he is waiting invitation letter from army, so he could join the army.