Sunday, September 11, 2005


First , I would like to thank my awsome doctor. He is miracle worker.
On friday morning I woke up with horrible body aces, sore throat, bangin headace and racing heart. I was unable to move- pain was bad. But sine I have 2 kids who need me, and one of them had to go to school, I just took my last energy that was left and went downstairs to get ready. After we dropped Gabe to school, I took Regina with me to my docs office. Regina was on meds and she slept most of the time. She even did not wake up when doctor was checking me out.

Combination of meds he gave me took my pain away 3 hours after I took my first pill( antibiotic), my congested head was not congested anymore and my sore throat was history on Saturday morning. I still have to take meds for 10 more days, but wow, all I can say is wow. Never ever meds worked so well.

Regina is also feeling much better and is ready for her Make A Wish trip on 16th of september. :) Wohooo.

SECOND---- My dh is returing home from china. yeah to that. He did mention that he has bad cold, but I'm not worried much about it.

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