Saturday, September 24, 2005

OH, I forgot to mention. GKTW does parents night outs on sundays and wednesdays. So I signed up because we thought it would be nice for my husgand and I to have some one on one time together. After we dropped off Regina and Gabe to Magical Castle, we finally got to know where we were assinged to eat. We went to Angels Diner- we also got 25 dollar certificate to eat there and cell phone( well that was like GKTW emergency phone that we had to take from them). Angels dines had to parts- diner part and buffet part. We decided to go to buffet since it had lobsters, crablegs, shrimp, oysters and ribs, and all the other foods I will not mention because we did not eat them. So after 5 lobsters and 3 pieces of cake I was full lol.. Since we chose to eat in Buffet area we had to pay 34 more dollars, since 25 dollar gift certificate simply did not cover it all.....

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Kathy said...

We went to Orlando when Sean was 3 and Steven was 5. My parents came also.

One of the things we liked there was rock shrimp. We ate out almost every night, seafood, wine, appetizers, dessert for 4 adults and 2 kids and typically the bill would be less than $100.

One night we went to all-you-can eat lobster buffet also. I don't remember the name of the place.

That's nice that they gave you a night out.