Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Last night , as I went out for my nightly "smoke" brake, I noticed his fat spider decorating my backyard. The web he was working on was just beautiful. I am scared of spiders, I don't like spiders, but all this just but in in the mood for some Halloween fun. :) Spider is still there today, and his/hers web is up . I think I will hit the stores today or tomorrow , so I could get some Fall stuff to make my house fall friendly. lol. Right Now i am so tired of all the crap that is going around. NO1- I have bladder infection- Not fun, not fun at all. I have to take antibiotics for 10 days and then some meds that turn my pee into halloween orange- so weird. Then I still have problems with Estonian National Car Rental, because they are just being jerks and not sending me the information I need. So I contacted National Us office and they are helping me to get all the paperwork in order , so I can get my money back from Visa. It all sucks. I never , ever , ever ever rent from national again. I want to say thanks to my Friend in Estonia, who has been helping me to straighten things out, but even they get treated really badly . :( IT is just sad. And then Gabriel has weird pumps all over his body. Not chicken pox, We don't know what it is. Doctor took some blood to check for allergies, but we do not know the resaults yet. Just waiting.

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lennuk said...

prrr, this spider looks sccaarrry!
'somebody have said: night spider is lucky spider! (usun õhtusesse õnneämblikusse!) and i belive in it!
good luck!