Monday, October 03, 2005

Big Bear

Big Bear Lake---

It's ok to have fun sometimes. It is ok to get drunk and feel silly and It is ok to laugh out loud when security dudes think that tea bags that were in my purse might be drugs. lol On thursday my dh suggested that we should do something fun. And since it is Octoberfest time we decided to go to Big bear to have some much needed adult fun. Kids were with us, but we also took babysitter , so we could go out at night and drink lots of beer and eat some german food.

We rented little cute house and spent the night there. During the day we just drove around and checked out some beautiful places. And then spent some time in convention center. Kids really did not like all that drunk crowd. There were lots of bikers with long beards and scary beer bellies. Regina and Gabe told me that they look scary and refused to let go my hand. lol For a moment I felt like I was back in Memphis. Yep, mullets, tatoos, toothless guys and lots of cigaret smoke and of course beeeeeer.

Around 7pm, after we had our dinner, Nick dropped kids and babysitter to cottage, and I stayed there and waited until he returns. But before he left, he purchased huge can( or whatever you call that 1 gallon, 1quart can filled with beer) of beer, and I was sitting outside and waiting him to return. Trust me, lots of people wanted to be my friends then. lol
After he returned we sat down and started drinking. And when I drink , I get hungry. So I got myself funnel cake with hot fudge, and then ate picles, and bratwursts, and sourkraut. And then drank some more. We danced chicken dance, and laughed how funny people look when they are really, really drunk and have no idea how to walk straigh. lol Around 10pm we left because we managed to finish our beer, and I was feeling really yucky. lol.

On sunday we went to Lake Arrowhead. OH, I hated the drive. i was still feeling nausias from all that alcohol, and those curvy roads did not make me feel any better. yuck. And nick was laughing at me all the time because, I asked him to slow down when there was 25 mile speed limit, and he was driving with 35 miles an hour.

Big Bear lake and Lake Arrowhead are beautiful places . Very peacful and relaxing. Eventhough BB is CA, nature there is very different from nature where I live. Lots of mountains, curvy roads, different climate( yeah, it snows there ). I like big Bear.

Lake Arrowhead....


lennuk said...

glad to hear you had so much fun! (regrets on my side as you invited me to come with you)
the photos are so sharp! views amazing!!!!

Kathy said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun.

I love Big Bear but that curvy road gets me feeling nauseous even when I'm not drinking L-)