Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm in great pain

And it is my cats fault. After kids fell asleep tonight, I went to check at them. of course cat was lying on Reginas tumy. You have no Idea how many times I have sprayed that cat with water. NOTHING, he still goes back. So tonight I wanted to slap his butt. I missed first time, I missed second time , BUT I hit the beds wooden footboard with my right middle finger. Suddenly I was in horrible pain and got really dizzy. I was unaible to stand up and walk , So I just lyed down , there on the floor.
Cause of the pain- My "fake" nail hit the footboard, and since I just had new acrylics done, they were still storngly stuck on my real nails, and now I am missing my middle nail-My finger( finger tip) is swollen to a size of potato and I am still in great pain. I applied some triple antibiotic cream and covered it. Oh, and one more thing- Blood was everywhere.
I really truly thought that I am going to pass out. My heart was beating really fast and I was unable to move my head while lying on the floor, and I got really sick( like I was about to throw up). And all this only because my nail got pulled off. ( Turst me, it looks really, really gross right now, and hurts to)
. WHYYYYYYYYY. I just purchased pretty paint, because I wanted to finish one of my decorating projects. But Now It has to wait. For how long- Not sure.

My cat really knows how to cause accidents like that( This one was no 2 because of him)


lennuk said...

Oh, my gosh! I feel so sorry for you! Just thinking about it makes me prrrr! horrified.
Hopefully it will get better soon!

Kathy said...

Oh Diana, that sounds awful.

I've torn entire toenails off before and it's one of the most painful things I can think of.

I hope you're feeling better, I can feel the pain just reading about it...

lennuk said...

I just hope that soon there will be another posting on your site. When I come to check your site, first thing I see is your finger - and I feel that prr! pain again!

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol .lolololol. SRY. Soon.