Monday, October 24, 2005


I feel like crap right now.
Today started out great. I did feel little dizzy and had m little headache, but I just ignored those signs. I blamed it on weather( wet and gray). I went shopping and bought kids some warm winter clothes- it feels weird to say winter out loud in Ca.
I picked up Regina from school and we went to Wahhoos for lunch. At that point my headache was horrible and I felt horrible pressure and burning on my right lover lobe. After lunch we went home and I was pissed because maid has not showed up yet( it was 1/30 pm). They usually show up around 11am. So made showed up 2 pm and started cleaning house. Regina did her homework and I finally got to see how our housecleaning team cleans our house- they suck big time. THEy do not know how to use central vacuming system correctly. They vaccumed in my lightweight area rug and then tryed to pull it out from vaccum. I WAS MAD!!! I told them if something like that ever happens again they will have to pay for repears( about 350 dollars for new one). I ALSO had to show him( yeah, the bathroom cleaner and vaccum person is guy) HOW to properly plug and unplug my vaccum. WTF??

We had to leave and pick up Gabe from school. After he was on board, we headed to mall to spend hour in bookstore. I did buy something very important from there today- HOW TO LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH FAST!!!1 lol My cleaning team does not speak very good english so I have to do something to make my point more clear...

Around 4.20 we went to Reginas hula school. She danced about 45 minutes and i chatted with my good friend Beth. She is Reginas best friends mom. I love chatting with her. She has great sence of humor and always makes me laugh :)

After Regina finished dancing we all headed to Cocos to have our dinner. Regina had chicken strips( I had to remove breading from chicken). Gabe had mac and cheese and I had corn chowder - oh, it was good. I love soups:):):) At cocos my headache got worse, and when we finally got home every single part of my body was in horrible pain. My left sholder and left knee hurt the most. My head burns and I got fever. I just hope that these side effects for my smoke free like( one of the sideffects are flu like symptoms).

Oh and to add more oil to fire. My dh called and just pissed me off even more. He had stressful day and acted all pissy and I was all sick and started crying right away. He did not say anything bad, he just sayed something that made me feel very small. There you go. I just love days like this.

I just wish my nausea and headaches will go away. They have been my worst enemies since august this year.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more whiny Di.

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lennuk said...

Oh, I am willing to listen to anybodys whinging these days ... and for sure I will whine back. How about that!
I just love whinging lately and complaining isn't bad either.
I will be better tommorow!