Sunday, October 30, 2005


This is not good. Not good at all. The other day I was just thinking that my back is in such a great condition. No pains , just perfect. And then today while I was vaccuming I turned my head left, heard a crack and after that I was unable to move my neck, back, lift my right arm. From neck , down to my sholderblades, I am pretty much in horrible pain. It is even hard to breath and swollow food. And all this because I want my house to be clean??? Dang, I swear, today was my last time I ever clean up my house again. I get maid service once a week, but I do not like messes,so I pretty much vacuum and dust every day( yeah, my hobby..). I guess If I do not feel better tomorrow I visit my chiro( sadly my insurance does not cover him). But he is the best, so I have to see him. Oh pain, pain go away...
And because of my back pain I will not be able to work out, and I will certanly gain few halloween lbs.

Take care .


lennuk said...

oops, not good! hope it will go away!
i made trip to chiro last week! my back have been bothering me past couple of months. i have had 2 appoitments. surprise - feeling better. but, just better! not all well yet.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I got some strong painkillers. Pain is gone,but stiffness is still there. I hate it.

I'm glad to hear that your back is doing better.