Wednesday, October 26, 2005


My friendly ghost ...
Nothing crappy happened today. I swear. It was perfect day full of fun activities . I wish there was something..... b u t if I think about something to bitch about , I should to so about my lazyness. I so want to clean my master bedroom,but I just don't feel like it. I do not know how to explain thins feeling. I have urge to start doing it, but instead of doing it I am doing it in my head- this will go there, and I have to vacuum from here and I have to move my bed, so I could get hang of all the missing socks and underwear that is hiding under my bed.... is it??/ I have to check first before giving you out such an personal information. Oh wait. I just told you that. Oh. I am so confused now.
You see, My mind is just grazy today. Busy, and very creative and happy. I like myself today . I wish that every day was like it. I wish there was more sun instead of rain.
.. Oh, all this chitchat is making me hungry for some chocolate covered cheese. ;)


Kathy said...

If you saw our house, you wouldn't feel bad about yours.

If I posted photos of the inside of our house right now, I think CPS might come knocking at our door :-)

Kathy said...

BTW, what's chocolate covered cheese? Is that for real?

Sleeping Beauty said...

At least you have reason for messy house-- you guys have huge event coming up.
So you all have finished shopping for warm winter clothes??

It is for real. lol Stick cheese into melted dark chocolate, refrigirate it and you got your treat.