Monday, October 17, 2005

Finally some real fall weather.

I finally hot a chance to wear my sweater today. Weather was nice and cool and was raining on and off all day long.
My morning started 7 am with shower.
8AM brakfast for kids
8.45- Drop Gabe to school
9.10 -Drop Regina to school
9.35 Cost plus
10.10 Burlington goat factory
11.00 Laguna Beach, Aliso viejo beach park( I think)
12.25 Vons
12.50 Pick up Regina from Shool
1PM Eat lunch with Regina
2 PM Reginas Homework
2.45 Pick up Gabriel from School
4PM Hula school for Regina
4.35-5.15 Chat with Beth
5.35-6.40 Hometown buffet
and ..... Now both of my kids are hungry and demanding more food....

I did go to The Beach today. I just had these sudden urge to hear the sounds of the ocean. I wanted to see waves, I wanted to epreience ocean when water is not blue but gray. It was beautiful. Beach was almost empty. There were couple of people running and I think there some art school students painting ocean and that was it. I just watched waves for a while and dreamed about being little mermaid....
And for dinner we went to Hometown Buffet. It was pretty good. Of course I chose to eat all the foods I like, so I really can not comment all the other foods that probably tasted awful. lol.
For dessert I had Hot chocolate fudge cake- OMG. THAT was awsome. I topped it with some cold Ice cream and OMG OMG OMG. I want to go back and get one more spoonful of that chocolate dream.....


Kathy said...

Burlington Goat Factory-- I'm still laughing.

Every so often I think you write these things on purpose. That's a good one.

Sleeping Beauty said...

;) lol Thanks.All that faux fur jus made me wrte Goat....

lennuk said...

these beach photos look great.
i love the weather after rain - so clear, so fresh, so crisp!

LA eestlased said...
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lennuk said...

i am looking these photos again and again... love this weather!!!!!

Sleeping Beauty said...

:) Enjoy. I also love this weather. Air smells so fresh and crisp. I love wearing my sweater during the day.
But most of all I like that my house stays nice and cool during the night. I sleep so much better because of that . :)