Thursday, June 30, 2005

Diana is back.

My short"family vacation" is over. It was fun while it lasted. And I guess my PMS is back also. lol I allready feel frustrated with world and with all the Hollywood kind of issues. Anyway, what I want to talk to you about today is something very disturbing. If you don't like to read or talk about death, then please leave right now and come back tomorrow, because maybe then i will talk about something else.

Here it goes. I have been thinking a lot about what will happen to me after I die. I mean, yes, I am just 27 but then again, death does not care how old we are. It just comes and gets us whenever he feels like it. SO I really don't know what will happen to me in 5 minutes, maybe I trip and fall while empting my dishwasher( carring knives), maybe I choke eating chocolate- but maybe the pain meds I am taking want to make me pain free forever- I really don't know. THere are so many things what could happen to me.
There is one thing that really creeps me out- I don't want to be buried under the ground. I JUST DON'T like it. ( maybe I watch to much CSI), but what happent to a body after we die is just something very disturbing and frightening. Oh, I am starting to creep myself now. Just the thougt about what I am talking about right now is very disturbing. Anyway, all this intro is just to tell you that I want to be cremated and let"free" where I was born, where my roots were.
I think that I have seen enough death and suffering within past year and that is what triggers these thougts. I SWEAR- I want to grow old and see my grandchildren, and I want to loose all my teeth , and I want to have lots of gray hair and live in retirement home with all the other old folks, who don't know how to drive anymore. So don't make any assumptions about all the above- I AM very happy how life is right now- I just PMS 24/7 and that is about it. ;) So , don't be mad , be glad and enjoy your life , make a change in someones life, make yourself happy - start filling your own dreams if nobody is not doing it for you :)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

For Leila- Thank you so much for the wonderful scarf. You have no Idea how many great comments I have received from people about it. - Most popular question is- WHERE did you get it? How much did It cost, YOUR FRIEND MADE IT??? And of course- everybody finds it cute :D So keep on knitting!!!!!

Warning labels.

There has been a lot of talk about stupid, dumb, warning labels in the news lately. I mean, how dumb people really are- DO NOT USE BLOwDRYER while showering. DUH. ha
Here are some more to get you started

Various Computers
Keyboard not detected. Press F1 to continue

Do not spray in eyes.

Dremel Electric Rotary Tool
This product not intended for use as a dental drill.

Trojan Condoms
Use for sex only - not to be eaten

Ansell Condoms
Do not return used condoms to the manufacturer through the mail.

Boot's Childrens Cough Medicine
Do not drive a car or run machinery.

Nytol Sleep Aid
Warning: May cause drowsiness

American Airlines Peanuts
Instructions: open packet, eat nuts.

So weird, but funny. lol

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Here is our tiny backyard with 11x11ft bounce house.

Quick update.

Sorry for not being the best poster lately. Since my DH is home, I don't spend that much time online. We have been enjoying good weather attending B partyes and other summer activities there are. Today we went to Wild Rivers park( water park) to attend Make A Wish Party( Orange County wish kids in CA). It was lot of fun. Games, clowns, music, lots of laughter, food, lots of fun water rides and most of all- Lots of happy kids having good time :) I did get a little sunburn blister on my right sholder, to much sun at once ,even with 50sp sunscreen can burn you :). My Dh and I but some extra lotion on kids so they would not get burned. :)
Now we are home . it is 5 pm. Kids are still sleeping( I am not looking forward to this night), I finished cleaning my first floor because yesterday we had B party for gabriel- which was also a lot of fun,( I ordered bounce house for him, made him Train cake, he drank as much coke and ate as many chips as he wanted and had fun playing and arguing with his friends. Regina had hard time sharing some of the things during the party, but she did ok. :)
I promise, real soon I post about more exiting and pissy things . lol Right now, I really don't have that writing mode , I think I lost it somwhere , but until then you just have to read my boring post about blah, blah blah FAMILY LIFE. lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Gabriel

Happy B day to My dear Son Gabriel. :)

Put on your party hats and blow your whistles- drink some milk and eat your favorite Pizza :)

Scream out loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIEL!!!!!!!


Monday, June 20, 2005

Soon is Midsummers day. I post you pic of my 2003 midsummers day in Esonia.

You can read more about this day

Beautiful :)

Everything seems just so beautiful today- sun is shining, it is about 95 degrees, birds are singing, and my house is clean- well, almost. lol And to make things even more beautiful my house smells great. My husband told me how he misses my cooking, so I went to store and got him some pork ribs. I cut them to pieces , browned it, added salt pepper, lots and lots of garlic and onion and 2 cans of diced tomatoes( with Italian herbs) and now it has been slow cooking for 2 and half hours. House smells sooooo good I am about to start eating real meat again . lol Tofu has been my best friends past 2-3 weeks and my weight has been coming off. Before he arrives I will also make baked / pan fryed potatoes with green beans with bacon blue cheese dressing. And of course my favorite cabbage salad or cole slaw- whatever you like to call it. ( without the sugar or mayo). I just hope that I stay on track and don't start gaining after DH is home( that usually happens). But these ribs I am making are one of his absolute favorites. They have lots of flavor and meat just falls off the bone. Sometimes I use salsa instead of diced tomatoes and call them my salsa Ribs. :)

Then yesterday I really , really wanted to eat something carb loaded. First time in my life I made bread pudding. I Wanted something really sweet and cinnamony and good, so I corporated flan and bread and cinnamon and chocolate and the final product was awsome. House again smelled like christmas - cinnamony and delicious. :) It tasted GREAT and after 3 bites( I have 3 bite dessert rule now), I just threw the rest of the bread/flan pudding away. But it was creamy and dreamy :) Food exites me and it exites me even more when I try something new or make up my own recipes and it comes out even better that I expected.

Somthing exiting going on in your lives :) ?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Counting hours. :)

let the countdown begin. Sometimes It is ok to count the hours, minutes... Right now I am so excited I am about to start counting seconds. My dear Husband will arrive tomorrow from China. We all are really, really exited. Kids were so exited , they agreed to go to bed without any argument. Wohooooo!!! That is something I look forward seeing more often. Maybe Nick should come home more often :) I have been cleaning the house and doing the laundry to make this humble home more humble for master of the castle. ;)

Friday, June 17, 2005


Today has been one nice and warm day. But instead of being energetic and happy I feel lousy and weak. Soooo tired. I have been yawning all day long and cleaning up my messy house. I also went shopping because I had to. lol. I have 4 birthday invitations and since I am nice person I attend all of them , which means I have to buy some gifts for 4-5 year olds. Oh so boring Y A W N.
One birthday I am very ecited about happens next Friday. My dear son Gabriel turns 4 on June 22nd. Horray, horray, horray!!!! My original plan was to celebrate his B day on his real B Day, but everybody cancelled. So I moved it to friday. I allready but menu together, got goody bags for kids, bought snacks and drinks. :) Oh, I am so exited. I LOVE cooking and food is my passion, so during the partyes I can but my mind and soul into food and create something good for everyone. :) I can not wait till friday next week. I am so freekin' exited about my sons birthday. :) He is allready requesting all the foods he wants to eat hehe. And I allready designed his cake and on thursday I will get really , really creative and make his dream come true :)

What else? Oh, I ate a lot of chocolate yesterday and today and then I exersised because I fealt so quilty eating all the sugar that sticks right into my lovehandles and thighs. So I sweated and screamed, and streched and cryed - and finally I managed to do my 40x40 minute cardio sessions. Oh, it was tooo hard. I was afride that my back will backfire again, but It feels better after I let out some much needed physical steam. I also am working quiting smoking again, because I got this little cold like symptoms and I am sure it is because I smoke. So now I am down to 4 sigs per day. I have not told my Dh yet that I started smoking. ( I feel quilty, but who cares). He can not read blogspot diaries in China. Not sure why though. So Sometimes I send him my diary entries but not those where I Talk about smoking. lol I am so evil . lol

Oh, my DH told me that he went to Wal mart to shop( In china). Regina wanted some puzzles from china , but he or his assistant could not find them anywhere in the stores , so they finally decided to go to wal mart and got regina some japanese character puzzles. lol. I sooo want to go to wal mart in china. I just want to see how different it is from US walmart. McDonalds is very different- I was told. So wal mart muchs be also.

Oh, I am about to fall asleep. Take care and have fun.!!!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another earthquake hit ca today.

It was nothing big but we still got little " shake " My sons school was evacuated (about 250 6month-6 year olds were rushed out to the streets for 15 minutes. Then they returned and continued as normal. When It happened I went to movies with Regina to waths Sharkboy and LavaGirl. - Let me just say- don't go to see it, waste of money. At least for adults. Kids may like it at some degree but it was just stupid movie.

So, here I am again talking about nothing, but same time talking about everything. My english teacher from Saddleback always told us- even if you don't have anything to write about write about nothing and thoughts will come to you. So , today I am writing about things that will come to me as I write. ;)
Last Night I asked a question-.... Do you have any idea people who YOU are and why you are the way you are and do the things you do ??? The simpliest anwer to my own question is - I am me and that is what makes me unique, I do things the way I do because I CAN. I really don't want to go deeper than that because I am loosing my brain power and train of thought is not finding connections. Usually my best Ideas and thoughts appear when I am allready in bed, nice and cozy and ready to doze off. I live in a grazy dreamworld , my dreams are colorful and vivid , Sometimes I wake up laughing and sometimes crying. Some dreama have deep meanings and some are just full of the worst bull S*** imaginable. But I still keep dreaming. One of the worst dreams I had lately was I opened my door to strangers and was calling 911 same time because strangers were just up for no good, and then I got through 911 and it came out the guy who was behind my door was holding the phone and talking to me. freeky. - In real world phones are my biggerst phobia. I hate talking on phone, dealing with people when I don't see their faces and expressions. I hate answering to phone and making phonecalls. It is just weird. Sometimes I have to sit down and calm down before I make certain phonecalls to some doctors or businesses. I get all sweaty and nervous. It is weird. I also hate opening bills because I know what waits inside- huge bill from AMEX or master card, and you know who did the spending- I DID. I feel so quilty paying off that bill, because I know I should have not bought that purse or those jeans, but I NEEDED them then. They looked so cool and fit just right. Credit cards are evil, but without them life in US would be evil- because person without credit history or with poor credit history usually has trouble getting a car, or house or whatever... let just say- GOOD gredit history is good. So now I have to start saving again.

Ok. I am so tired today. it is all in the weather. It was another windy, cold and clowdy day. But evening was so quiet. It really seems like another storm is coming- it is too quiet. I keep my eyes and ears and nose open.

Good night or Good Morning- to all of you

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

SLOW day.

I don't know what is wrong, I really don't know. Everything seems moving in slow motion. I want to start doing something but instead, I just sit on my rocking chair and do nothing. Weather really, really sucks. I thought OC was supposed to be sunshine county, but now I'd call it deep dark dump . It is windy, wet, cold, dark, foggy, weird, and cold one more time. All this sucky weather makes my old, 27 year old bones hurt. And people look meaner and nobody is smiling or asking how are you Doin'??? Is everybody worried about what will happen in this grazy messed up world next? Ah, happens what happens- but if I could choose what would happen then I would choose sunshine 24/7 for next PMS period, which lasts about until Christmas. :)

I was watching this weird messed up reality show "Beauty and the Geek". I really don't understand why those girls were called Beauties? If you don't have "brain" it does not make you beauty, you know. Go home and put more make up on , maybe then I concider calling you beauty.
Oh, I am so bitter today and probably will be tomorrow, and I was yesterday. lol But really, I just talk about things that bother me. There are lots and lots of happy events, thoughts people I would like to share with you, but beauty does not attract that many people. Everybody wants to see and read about the dirty laundry and see if there are some undiscovered sceletons in my closet. Oh, of course there are- my life is one big mysteri and I am just starting to rediscover myself- reinvent myself- ok, ok, I went little overboard here. Let's just say- I am finally starting to figure out why I am here and what is my mission. But I am not telling you.... Do you have any idea people who YOU are and why you are the way you are and do the things you do ???

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Oh so bummed.

I called to car repear place today and got not so cheering news. Car is fixable- that is ok, they have all the parts- which is also ok, BUT it will take about 3 weeks to get it repeared . OH. What will I do after 23'd of june??? My insurance will cover my rental only for a month. But if they have done everything right at the beginning, I would have had my car allready. :( My estimater at repear shop told me that they would have started repearing my car last week, but liberty mutual guy did not show up last week to estimate damages one more time and when he did estimate YESTERDAY, he missed lot of damages?? I am so bummed. It is all because of those stupid self centered son of a B*&@(# . Is it really how things get done in 21st century?? Morons run free, customer service sucks, gas is overpriced and there is war in Irak. Yes, you know who I blame in all this- B@#H. Somebody has to take the blame.

THEN, gabriels B day is on 22nd of april and I wanted to have party for him since last year Regina was admitted to St Jude to get her first round of chemo and we did not have a chance to spend His birday with Him. Now everybody has cancelled because there are other graduations on same day. :( I am so sad :( Bad timing I guess. So Now I am trying to reschedule everything. OH I HATE , HATE HATE whoever put a spell on me. YOU BETTER speak up or I will send my most evil thought to your doorstep, and that thought is not pretty;) Just a warning. You better be friend with me and pretend that you like me;)

Guess who?? ME, Me ME. This pic was taken on march 1998. oh gawd, I was 19 years old :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Another unhappy PMS update.

And this is soo mu fault. Well, before as I was updating my pics to, suddenly my computer froze. SO I restarted it BUT- all my files were gone, all the folders with pictures and text were missing. I have backed up all the pics, so no big deal, but every time I restart my computer same thing happens. Everything is back to that level where my dear friend husband left me with. Seems like my computer has no memory whatsoever and does not remember what I added to bookmarks, the settings I changed, everything goes back to almost zero. I really don't know what is wrong. Virus scans are not catching anything, computer is up to speed, Only thing takes little time is starting up , it thinks about 10 seconds longer about accesing my account. So dear fellow friends and supporters, what did I do wrong this time. I feel like I am such a bug magnet, I make the same mistakes all the time, but at a time I am making a mistake, it does not look like mistake.
So, why does my computer has no memory, or has short term memory? Are my naked pictures all over the internet now, so if you happen to see one close your eyes, because you may go blind. ( I am concerned about my kids privacy now, because this is just weird, )

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cake really tastes better when you stick your feet and hands in and then smear it all over other people :) This is B girls foot and hand. She was ALL about that cake. You should have seen how happy she was when she finally got her hand on something she probably waited to do all day long :D
Pink Poodle is IN!!!!!!! She really did awsome job making that cake- but sadly we really did not get a piece of THAT cake. There was another cake we ate. :)

Eventful day :)

In my previous post I already mentioned that our day started with a bang- earthquake. Then after I recovered from elevated heartrate and weak and shaky legs, we got ready and went to local park. Our dear neighbor, 1 year old Raily celebrated her first birthday. Birthday theme was Pink Poodle. Oh, It was a fun fun fun party. Kids had fun and adults had fun, and food was fun. I mean, everything was perfect. I did take lot of pictures, but I respect theyr privacy and will not be postic pictures of her daughter or son. :) Her mom really did great job getting people into right party mood. There was Pink poodle piniata, she made pink poodle cake, and she even sewed pink poodle things on her daughters outfit. They served two 3 feet subway sandwiches, lots of chips, and hot tamales. TAMALES were soooo good, excellent. Regina and gabriel had fun for 3 hours. Then we got home and I did 3 hour cleaning marathon. I dusted, I brushed, I washed, I did lots of things I almost never do. And now I know why I never do those things- MY BACK IS KILLING ME AGAIN. I am in such a deep pain it hurts to move, and my left sholder pain is also back, but since x rays were clen, adjustments were done- there is nothing else left to do. Doctors have no Idea why I am hurting all over my body so badly. And pain killers are not helping. Pain starts usually around 3-4 pm and goes away only when I am flying flat on my back. It is very weird.

Kids are finally in bed and sleeping. I have never ever seen kids so tired. Usually it takes 2 hours to but them to sleep, but today all I had to do was to say- GO TO BED. And they ran, they raced who will make it first. lol. I wish every day was such a good day. :)

I also cheated on my diet- AGAIN. I HAD to eat piece of cake. I just had to. Birthdays without cake are like showers without water. lol So I had a cake and tamales and sandwiches for lunch and for dinner I made cabbage salad with ground salsa chicken. Yummmmmmmmmm. And I made mashed hot banana pudding with cinnamon and splenda. :D:D:D:D:D. I just get my gravings you know.

How was your weekend my dear followers???


OMG OMG OMG. I was running to upstairs when I suddenly heard and felt little shaking. I thought helicopter was making rounds and was to close to our house, but then I looked at out lightning fixtures and the were noticably moving. THERE was 5,6 eartquake is Palms springs area and but the side impact was felt from Los Angeles to San Diego,
WHen shaking started I thought I am going to pass out, , but whole shaking lasted about 5-10 seconds . I managed to yell out loud to kids GET UNDER THE TABLE. I was sooo scared, I still am.

Hey you Californians- Did you feel it also???

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weekend is almost over.

I had ok day. Weather sucks big time. It is tooo cold and windy. No sunshine at all- very cold. Because it was sucky weather we really did not do anything today. Only thing we did is we went to bookstore , because if I had to spend all day In the house today, I really don't think they or I would have survived. So we went to bookstore and bought one book- little red riding hood. I try to buy books that are similar or are Original stories and have normal endings. One example Of weird ending I have is - wolf stuffed grandma to closet and waited little red riding hood to arrive, so he could eat all the goodies little red riding hood brought for grandma. STUPID, plain stupid. WOLF ATE the grandma and then he ate little red riding hood and then fellow neighbor who happened to be hunter cut wolfs tummy open and happy grandma and RH jumped out and lived happily ever after. lol I really don't like those weird happy endings that supposed to be semi happy like goldylocks and 3 beers remined friends - real ending was goldilocks ran as fast as he could and never showed her face in 3 beers house ever again. Regina loves those old fashioned engings also.
I can only emagine that in 20 something years cinderella only trives Mercedes and eats caviar and cinderella was cheating on his prince with some other dude from Hamptons. Sad, but old good childrens stories are allready forgotten and fancy disney remakes are taking over that only have little truth in them.
This is me when I was very , very young lol. I'm not really sure how old I am here but it is one of the earliest pics of me. My mom did not have any baby pics of me( newborn)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday night supposed to be Party night

But here I am sitting pretty drinking wine and feeling shitty. lol

Not really. Today was pretty good day. I went to see my "favorites"- Angelina and Brad. BRAD IS HOT. Why nobody talks about how hot he looks on his early 40's . Damn, he is just FINE little thing. And Mrs Smith looks great also. lol. Movie Mr& Mrs Smith was good one. I really did enjoy it. Beginning was little slow, but humor was great, action was great- reminded me little Disney action where lots of things are going on but heros come out without any serios scratches. lol YES, I liked them in the movie and hopefully from now on they stop talking about it. TO MUCH PUBLICITY. Get a life you paparazzozzzzz and journalist and Diane Sawer or whatever your name was. Better start talking about real things like ho NORMAL and REGULAR people live in suburban Laguna Niguel _ I am OPEN for interviews. ;)

So , I got my meridian 2002 cabernet sovingnon( spellin), I got my Cheese- I can not live without cheese, and my latest favorites are smoked cheeses- cheddar, mozzarella, havarty etc. JUST SMOKE IT , baby. More smoke better it is. I am allready feeling awsome and relaxed and ready to dance alone in front of my mirror- what a narcissist I am. I downloaded some great Eurodance from my iTunes store and my mini iPod is ready to take me to next level- WORK OUT LEVEL!!!!!

.. Forever Young, I want to be forever young......

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Just a thought...

Have you noticed how much Brad and Angelina there is everywhere. I turn on tv- BRAD, I open newspaper,- ANGELINA, turn on radion- BRAD and ANGELINA. What is wrong with this universe. Brad, Tom, ANgelina and Katie have taken over our world?? Can I blame it on Bush? ;)

Everybody is suspecting those 2 are having affairs( brad and angi). That would be interesting . BUT I think Angelina is having an a little relationship with Jennifer Aniston. YEP. While ago Angelina was bragging about her bi sexuality. ANd well, Jennifer kissed girls couple of times while doing FRIENDS, so it is not that unreal lol So what if now they finally hooked up and are living out theyr fantasies?? OMG I NEVER ever go to grossery store again and read those wacky thabloid magasines again. All I get is those thoughts that turn into something horrid- like ANgelina and Jennifer making out. That is a guys fantasy, NOT MINE. But it'd be pretty extreme and ridiculos same time. hahh.. So gusy, are you thinking now what I was thinking earlier??? But what was I thinking about thinking these thought anyway??/ Oh , I confuse myself now.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My life

Farfalle pasta for dinner-$1
Noodles for kids---------$1
Nachos with salsa--------$2
Expressions on kids faces when I told them to clean up the mess- PRICELESS. HAHA

Welcome to my life. It never gets old when I tell my kids It is clean up time. They give me same NOOO WAY, and same I DON"T LIKE YOU MOM. But after fussing couple of minutes they see there is no way THEY are going to win, and there they go- in slow motion- to clean up the mess they made. But they are getting better cleaning up and they know where something goes. Next step- I have to teach them how to cook dinner, so I could just sit on my couch day long and do nothing. What a BORING life. REally, how is it possible that so many people do nothing but hang out in front of TV , eating greasy chips and trinking gallon of soda per day?? I mean, COME ON. There is so much more to life than tv. So what if you have kids, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and move areound. Don't go to the same park you always go, Don't visit the same bookstores or whatever stores. GO and discover something new. There is so much to see and discover and Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed because I just don't know what should I do first.
So, your new mission tomorrow will be something new. lol

--about my car-- Damages 15 000 dollars. Today I finally went to Prestige and signed the papers and now my car is getting extreme makover. We'll see how extreme it will be ;)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I think I prefer cheese.

Forget about Prozac- Cheese does much better job. OH. After Long and stresful day, I thought I better get my lazy oversized buns to Vons- which I did. I got myself some apple tree smoked cheddar, smoked havarty, and bottle of Worst girl wine ever- I just felt like drinking Girl wine today. I got Myself ARBON MIST Sangria. haha. I tell ya', this wine tastes like mixed berry juice and is horrible with cheese. OH , I almost forgot to tell you- I also bought 6 dollar piece of pate( made with pork meat). I LOVE PATE( pasteet in estonian). It is soo good. BUT I made a huge mistake. Pate looks like cat food- and smells like one, not sure about the taste, BUT, I left it on the coffe table for couple of minutes , while I did my evening routine. MY little evil kitty thought my snack looks and smells delicious- just imagine how would it taste -AND HE ATE IT. HE IS BAD. BAD KITTY.!!!

But oh well, I still got my sugar filled sweet wine and cheese. Kids are sleeping , cat is messing with my toes and What am i doing- I am watching Unauthorized story of... and just sitting.....

I need prozac

Oh, my nerves are shredded to smallest pieces possible. Dealing with Liberty mutual claims office is the second worst experiense in my life. THEY DO NOT RETURN MY CALLS. I left 3 messages today- yes I am obsessed with my phone. And guess what, she was not sitting on her chair, working her ass off. I know it because her answering mashine sayed it is monday, and greeting changes every time she buzzes herself in, so finally 10.15 she was there and I got to talk to her.
Problem here is that Prestige auto collission found more damage to my car. First report ( By liberty mutual ) was almost 7000 dollars, not it is 11 000 dollars, and I am gessing there is even more,because guy from repears told me that they have to pull the car apart before they know how much more damage there is to my car. SO after very stressful morning we moved another baby step forward. Today another LM guy will go to car shop and apprises my car one more time. They better find damage to be worth 40 000 dollars so I can move on and buy new f**** car. ENOUGH is ENOUGH and I am truly , madly , sadly pissed.
Guy from Prestige repear shop told me that theyr customers always have problems with Liberty mutual and that he understands my frustration. FINALLY, somebody who shares my pain. lol

Another thing- I need to confess. I am very weak person. :( September 4th , 2003 I quit smoking and I hadnot smoked until 25th of may this year. I know , there is no excuse to start doing something that can give you cancer. I smoke away from kids. I change my clothes after I smoke, I wear a hat during the smoke- I should wear rubber cloves also. I have to quit as soon as possible. And I hope after this circus is over I find enough strengt to start from zero again.


Monday, June 06, 2005

New week, PMS is back

-Update -

Ok, seems like things are starting to move to right direction. After 10 phonecalls to different people I finally got my answers. Damage to my car was about 7000 dollars. Right now as I am talking Prestige is taking my car to repair shop and hopefully from here it will go smoothly. But again, things around me lately are just not moving the way they suppose to be moving so I am expecting some more madness in this case. BUT wohooooo. I am so exited. I miss my car soooo much. I want my baby back :D:D:D:D

Today I have to start dealing with Mutual morons again. Yep, I am going to call them every half an hour until I have some more solid answers. If they give me shit like we call you back before day is over I let them know- don't call me, I'll be calling you, and I make sure I make your days as painful as possible. It is payback time.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

You know what sucks???

It sucks that I finally got back on track with dieting and yesterday I JUST HAD to bake chocolate browny cake and eat it with Regina. I could not stop eating it. It was my first time to do cake such that.
What I did was-
1 triple chocolate something browny mix
homemade chocolate sauce( not very runny)

I baked the browny
I cut it to 4 even pieces when they were still warm
I evened it out.
Moistened warm pieces of browni with chocolate milk
Smeared chocolate sauce over first layer
topped with second piece,
cut a little well in the center of piece 2.
Poured chocolate sauce in it.
Topped with third browni piece
added more chocolate sauce and in the end added last piece and poured chocolate sauce all over the cake.
While it was still warm I cut it to 2 pieces- one for Regina and one for me, and we ate it all. It was SOOOOO GOOOD. Gooey, and warm and crunchy and the best piece of chocolate cake I had it for a long time. I was sooooo pleased how it came out. But after I felt so sick to my stomacki wanted to throw up. Tums took care of that feeling.
My problem Is that I can not stop eating after 3 bites. If I like it a lot, I will eat it until I am so full I can hardly move. So today I have tried to do little better with my eating and so far so good. It is 9.20 pm now , so I really don't think that I will be baking another cake today. But wish me luck staying fit and well rest of the week.


Saturday, June 04, 2005


I created this blog because I did not want to litter The blog I created for my daughter. This is going to be mostly about me, myself and I. When people piss me off- you will read about it here. When servise sucks somwhere- you know I will bitch about it. When I feel sick- I will let you know and shock you with my honesty ;)
Stay tuned for more , because you know I got it ....