Friday, June 17, 2005


Today has been one nice and warm day. But instead of being energetic and happy I feel lousy and weak. Soooo tired. I have been yawning all day long and cleaning up my messy house. I also went shopping because I had to. lol. I have 4 birthday invitations and since I am nice person I attend all of them , which means I have to buy some gifts for 4-5 year olds. Oh so boring Y A W N.
One birthday I am very ecited about happens next Friday. My dear son Gabriel turns 4 on June 22nd. Horray, horray, horray!!!! My original plan was to celebrate his B day on his real B Day, but everybody cancelled. So I moved it to friday. I allready but menu together, got goody bags for kids, bought snacks and drinks. :) Oh, I am so exited. I LOVE cooking and food is my passion, so during the partyes I can but my mind and soul into food and create something good for everyone. :) I can not wait till friday next week. I am so freekin' exited about my sons birthday. :) He is allready requesting all the foods he wants to eat hehe. And I allready designed his cake and on thursday I will get really , really creative and make his dream come true :)

What else? Oh, I ate a lot of chocolate yesterday and today and then I exersised because I fealt so quilty eating all the sugar that sticks right into my lovehandles and thighs. So I sweated and screamed, and streched and cryed - and finally I managed to do my 40x40 minute cardio sessions. Oh, it was tooo hard. I was afride that my back will backfire again, but It feels better after I let out some much needed physical steam. I also am working quiting smoking again, because I got this little cold like symptoms and I am sure it is because I smoke. So now I am down to 4 sigs per day. I have not told my Dh yet that I started smoking. ( I feel quilty, but who cares). He can not read blogspot diaries in China. Not sure why though. So Sometimes I send him my diary entries but not those where I Talk about smoking. lol I am so evil . lol

Oh, my DH told me that he went to Wal mart to shop( In china). Regina wanted some puzzles from china , but he or his assistant could not find them anywhere in the stores , so they finally decided to go to wal mart and got regina some japanese character puzzles. lol. I sooo want to go to wal mart in china. I just want to see how different it is from US walmart. McDonalds is very different- I was told. So wal mart muchs be also.

Oh, I am about to fall asleep. Take care and have fun.!!!


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