Monday, June 20, 2005

Beautiful :)

Everything seems just so beautiful today- sun is shining, it is about 95 degrees, birds are singing, and my house is clean- well, almost. lol And to make things even more beautiful my house smells great. My husband told me how he misses my cooking, so I went to store and got him some pork ribs. I cut them to pieces , browned it, added salt pepper, lots and lots of garlic and onion and 2 cans of diced tomatoes( with Italian herbs) and now it has been slow cooking for 2 and half hours. House smells sooooo good I am about to start eating real meat again . lol Tofu has been my best friends past 2-3 weeks and my weight has been coming off. Before he arrives I will also make baked / pan fryed potatoes with green beans with bacon blue cheese dressing. And of course my favorite cabbage salad or cole slaw- whatever you like to call it. ( without the sugar or mayo). I just hope that I stay on track and don't start gaining after DH is home( that usually happens). But these ribs I am making are one of his absolute favorites. They have lots of flavor and meat just falls off the bone. Sometimes I use salsa instead of diced tomatoes and call them my salsa Ribs. :)

Then yesterday I really , really wanted to eat something carb loaded. First time in my life I made bread pudding. I Wanted something really sweet and cinnamony and good, so I corporated flan and bread and cinnamon and chocolate and the final product was awsome. House again smelled like christmas - cinnamony and delicious. :) It tasted GREAT and after 3 bites( I have 3 bite dessert rule now), I just threw the rest of the bread/flan pudding away. But it was creamy and dreamy :) Food exites me and it exites me even more when I try something new or make up my own recipes and it comes out even better that I expected.

Somthing exiting going on in your lives :) ?


Anonymous said...

WOW you have great willpower, Diana!! The 3-bite rule!! What's the trick? Mine is more like the 3 SERVINGS rule. LOL

Let's see...what's going on in my life..... well, I got bit by a spider in a very unusual spot...LOL ... inner thigh up way too high...... it's been a few days now and it's better but still pretty icky looking. The kids are both working daughter's a camp counselor (she's 21) and my son (he's 16) is a lifeguard and swim instructor for the little ones. He's loving it.

That's about it really. Hope you're having a good summer and the kids are well. Enjoy your time with your hubby. Will he be home for a while now? Your pork rib dinner sounds SO good. I may try that myself in the crock pot. I use mine often.

Talk to you soon!


Sleeping Beauty said...

Yeah, I had 3 serving rule also, but I really did not like how it got stuck on my butt. lol

Nick will stay home only for 9 days this time. He will stay longer in august/ september( for 2 months)

I love crock pot, but I am afride to leave it cooking alone , when I have to leave for couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

I was also always afraid to leave a crock pot cooking for hours if no one was home---and using it while I was home was ridiculous because the house smelled like food all day long and all everyone wanted to do was eat!! (It drove the dog nuts!) So, finally I gave up and got rid of the crock pot. And now I keep coming across all sorts of great crock pot recipes. You're a great cook--do you ever use a pressure cooker?
Carol :)

Sleeping Beauty said...

Jackie-Hope your spider bite is healing well. :)

carol- First - I want to thank you for sending gabriel such abreat B day treat. He was soo happy last night, and he forced us to play cars with him. lol and Regina created us all thank you and I love you letters :)

I want to get pressure cooker but I am nor sure which brand is best . I heard that sometimes when it is not used correctly it may explode. But I bet it is great timesaver when I comes to cooking meats, and it preserves all the flavors , so food will taste great:)

Anonymous said...

Glad Gabriel liked his present and hope he has a great birthday and a fun party!!
I have a Presto pressure cooker, mainly because that's the kind my mother had and the kind my grandmother had. I got it as a present before I got married so it's rather old. I've only made corned beef and porcupine meatballs in it so it only gets used a couple of times a year. It's a little scary but as long as one follows the instructions it shouldn't explode...I hope! :(