Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday night supposed to be Party night

But here I am sitting pretty drinking wine and feeling shitty. lol

Not really. Today was pretty good day. I went to see my "favorites"- Angelina and Brad. BRAD IS HOT. Why nobody talks about how hot he looks on his early 40's . Damn, he is just FINE little thing. And Mrs Smith looks great also. lol. Movie Mr& Mrs Smith was good one. I really did enjoy it. Beginning was little slow, but humor was great, action was great- reminded me little Disney action where lots of things are going on but heros come out without any serios scratches. lol YES, I liked them in the movie and hopefully from now on they stop talking about it. TO MUCH PUBLICITY. Get a life you paparazzozzzzz and journalist and Diane Sawer or whatever your name was. Better start talking about real things like ho NORMAL and REGULAR people live in suburban Laguna Niguel _ I am OPEN for interviews. ;)

So , I got my meridian 2002 cabernet sovingnon( spellin), I got my Cheese- I can not live without cheese, and my latest favorites are smoked cheeses- cheddar, mozzarella, havarty etc. JUST SMOKE IT , baby. More smoke better it is. I am allready feeling awsome and relaxed and ready to dance alone in front of my mirror- what a narcissist I am. I downloaded some great Eurodance from my iTunes store and my mini iPod is ready to take me to next level- WORK OUT LEVEL!!!!!

.. Forever Young, I want to be forever young......


Kathy said...

From Arbon Mist Sangria to Meridian Cabernet--

At least your taste in wine is improving...

And I'm with you when it comes to cheese, my favorite food of all time.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I think it is improving, I LOVE Arbon mist was just one night stand- never ever ever again I will get that "wine?". And cheese is just something that makes me feel allright- and if to much- I guess you know what can happen if you have too much cheese ;)

lennuk said...

From where you are downloading the music? iTunes is great, but so expencive!
Check out
I have used their site and they seem to be fine...
Meridean? The One? The one won on our winetasting?

Anonymous said...

Yes, cheese is good! I enjoy most kinds. You sound like Rachel Ray (I watch her all the time--can't make any of her recipes but it's fun to see how fast she moves/talks)--she loves smoked cheese. Actually, she puts cheese in virtually everything she makes. As for wine--people take wine away from me ever since I drank a few glasses years ago and starting singing little songs about parts of the body...and I can't sing. It was not a pretty sight!
Yeah, and after the paparazzi finish interviewing you, they can come here. I'll show them how the ordinary people live--they can check out my tomato plants, my kitchen floor that needs washing, the table in the living room that the dog has been gnawing because her toys get stuck under it, etc.--y'know, all the stuff people are dying to see and hear about. (Actually today IS our big day--we live only about a mile from Belmont Race track and today is the Belmont Stakes and there will be traffic everywhere and the place is swarming with reporters. Tomorrow we go back to being nowhere.)
Glad you enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Smith--Brad IS hot, but I am so tired of hearing who he is with and who he isn't.
I don't think Michael does anything with those boys he takes to bed with him because I don't think Michael is capable of doing anything with anybody.
Carol :)

Sleeping Beauty said...

That is the one Leila. And the best thing about that wine was that it was on sale 50%off. So I got my wine with 5 dollars.
I am using iTUnes. It is expensive, but I love the site. It is sooo easy to find all the songs and it is very well organized. Simplicity is the key here. /

Carol. I also Love Rachel ray. I like her positive energry, and she is simple and down to earth. Her recipes are so simple and delicious.

So did they catch your singing on video and replayed it later on over and over again???lol But it is so weird how alcohol turns us into somebody else- people say that when you are drunk your real self will come out, you will talk about things you really like- NOT pretend to like. lol

I hope all the traffic and people does not disturb you to much. :)

Anonymous said...

I think we're going to go see Mr. & Mrs. Smith tomorrow (Sunday). I LOVE Brad!!! We can share him! No I changed my mind. You get Angelina. I get Brad. Or we can switch LOL

I better go now! LOL


Sleeping Beauty said...

lol, I guess Angelina is OK, My Dh would not mind it.... Have fun and eat some popcorn for me. ;) I almost never buy popcorn when I go to movies because it is so adicting. I always sneak in some grapes or diced apples ( BUSTED):)