Saturday, June 25, 2005

Quick update.

Sorry for not being the best poster lately. Since my DH is home, I don't spend that much time online. We have been enjoying good weather attending B partyes and other summer activities there are. Today we went to Wild Rivers park( water park) to attend Make A Wish Party( Orange County wish kids in CA). It was lot of fun. Games, clowns, music, lots of laughter, food, lots of fun water rides and most of all- Lots of happy kids having good time :) I did get a little sunburn blister on my right sholder, to much sun at once ,even with 50sp sunscreen can burn you :). My Dh and I but some extra lotion on kids so they would not get burned. :)
Now we are home . it is 5 pm. Kids are still sleeping( I am not looking forward to this night), I finished cleaning my first floor because yesterday we had B party for gabriel- which was also a lot of fun,( I ordered bounce house for him, made him Train cake, he drank as much coke and ate as many chips as he wanted and had fun playing and arguing with his friends. Regina had hard time sharing some of the things during the party, but she did ok. :)
I promise, real soon I post about more exiting and pissy things . lol Right now, I really don't have that writing mode , I think I lost it somwhere , but until then you just have to read my boring post about blah, blah blah FAMILY LIFE. lol


lennuk said...

;) no PMS as hubby is on your side!
but i for sure miss these pissy updates!
but so far have a good time with your hubby and kids!
by the way... i got sunburned in mexico. it was early in the morning. i put sunblock on. but on my back i did not oviosly reach to each spot, so I have butterfly shape on the back! ;) who needs tattoo if you have sun and sunblock!

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol, no tattoos needed. heh. Nick did the same thing, he applied lotion uneven and now he has white stripes all over his upper body.

Trust me, those pissy updates will return the moment, my DH leaves US again.

So, tell me more about your new car? What is your the most favorite feature about your new car?

lennuk said...

ford focus ZX5!
i thought that i don't care about the color. so i got black this one was on the lot available. but i can see how much work it is going to be! so much dust! it looks cool though!
i love the hatchback. it is nice and small car and my favorite thing is that i am sitting higher than in regular sedan's.
my cars usually tend to be "one step away from baglady" cars (storage... you know), but this new and fancy car makes me to controll myself!