Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eventful day :)

In my previous post I already mentioned that our day started with a bang- earthquake. Then after I recovered from elevated heartrate and weak and shaky legs, we got ready and went to local park. Our dear neighbor, 1 year old Raily celebrated her first birthday. Birthday theme was Pink Poodle. Oh, It was a fun fun fun party. Kids had fun and adults had fun, and food was fun. I mean, everything was perfect. I did take lot of pictures, but I respect theyr privacy and will not be postic pictures of her daughter or son. :) Her mom really did great job getting people into right party mood. There was Pink poodle piniata, she made pink poodle cake, and she even sewed pink poodle things on her daughters outfit. They served two 3 feet subway sandwiches, lots of chips, and hot tamales. TAMALES were soooo good, excellent. Regina and gabriel had fun for 3 hours. Then we got home and I did 3 hour cleaning marathon. I dusted, I brushed, I washed, I did lots of things I almost never do. And now I know why I never do those things- MY BACK IS KILLING ME AGAIN. I am in such a deep pain it hurts to move, and my left sholder pain is also back, but since x rays were clen, adjustments were done- there is nothing else left to do. Doctors have no Idea why I am hurting all over my body so badly. And pain killers are not helping. Pain starts usually around 3-4 pm and goes away only when I am flying flat on my back. It is very weird.

Kids are finally in bed and sleeping. I have never ever seen kids so tired. Usually it takes 2 hours to but them to sleep, but today all I had to do was to say- GO TO BED. And they ran, they raced who will make it first. lol. I wish every day was such a good day. :)

I also cheated on my diet- AGAIN. I HAD to eat piece of cake. I just had to. Birthdays without cake are like showers without water. lol So I had a cake and tamales and sandwiches for lunch and for dinner I made cabbage salad with ground salsa chicken. Yummmmmmmmmm. And I made mashed hot banana pudding with cinnamon and splenda. :D:D:D:D:D. I just get my gravings you know.

How was your weekend my dear followers???


Kathy said...

This time of year (end of the school year) is kind of like Christmas for us-- an unending social whir.

Thursday Sean's best friend and our neighbor had her baby (we were hoping it would wait until school let out) so Friday I bought birthday present for another neighbor boy, went to visit the new baby girl sooo adorable, picked up kids after school and took them to birthday party, then went to happy hour for an ex co-worker and lost my car keys. Doug had to wake kids up at 9:30 pm and drive to get me to bring keys.

Saturday was Sean's last Little League game and Steven did the fishing thing. Pizza party after the game.

Sunday was church and a pool party for the Little League game.

Today I've got to get presents for both of kids' teachers, the speech therapist-- Tuesday I'm accompanying Sean's 2nd grade class to the Del Mar fair-- Wednesday is Steven's 4th grade play-- Thursday I volunteer at the school for Field Day-- Friday is last day of school, half day, followed by, of course, more parties.

The next 2 weeks the kids play in 6 golf tournaments. Steven and I fly to Sacramento on 6-26 for St. Jude dinner.

Sean's birthday is in less than 2 weeks and I haven't done a thing yet.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Wow , you are busy.
If you are going to Sacramento please step in Liberty mutual claims office and leave them very disturbing message from me- WE ARE DROPPING THEM. lol

When is Seans Birthday?? Gabriels birthday is on june 22, I guess they have theyr birthdays pretty close to each other.

Kathy said...

Sean's birthday is June 30. He wants to do Laser Tag. Laser Tag has an age requirement that the kids be at least 7 years old, so this will limit who we can invite, but now that more and more of the kids around us are getting to be 7, Laser Tag is getting more and more popular.

He wanted to invite a bunch of friends to a water park, but I said no. I wouldn't mind taking him and maybe one friend, but I've been at those water parks and I wouldn't want to be responsible for even a group of 4 kids, I've seen many small accidents and near-big accidents and once Doug and I had a near-drowning incident in the wave pool, so too much liability for me to handle.

The near drowning accident Doug and I had was at San Dimas, and the very next weekend someone drowned in that wave pool, an adult who could swim, so it was an accident waiting to happen.