Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I need prozac

Oh, my nerves are shredded to smallest pieces possible. Dealing with Liberty mutual claims office is the second worst experiense in my life. THEY DO NOT RETURN MY CALLS. I left 3 messages today- yes I am obsessed with my phone. And guess what, she was not sitting on her chair, working her ass off. I know it because her answering mashine sayed it is monday, and greeting changes every time she buzzes herself in, so finally 10.15 she was there and I got to talk to her.
Problem here is that Prestige auto collission found more damage to my car. First report ( By liberty mutual ) was almost 7000 dollars, not it is 11 000 dollars, and I am gessing there is even more,because guy from repears told me that they have to pull the car apart before they know how much more damage there is to my car. SO after very stressful morning we moved another baby step forward. Today another LM guy will go to car shop and apprises my car one more time. They better find damage to be worth 40 000 dollars so I can move on and buy new f**** car. ENOUGH is ENOUGH and I am truly , madly , sadly pissed.
Guy from Prestige repear shop told me that theyr customers always have problems with Liberty mutual and that he understands my frustration. FINALLY, somebody who shares my pain. lol

Another thing- I need to confess. I am very weak person. :( September 4th , 2003 I quit smoking and I hadnot smoked until 25th of may this year. I know , there is no excuse to start doing something that can give you cancer. I smoke away from kids. I change my clothes after I smoke, I wear a hat during the smoke- I should wear rubber cloves also. I have to quit as soon as possible. And I hope after this circus is over I find enough strengt to start from zero again.



Kathy said...

Well, the good thing about smoking is that when you go back to Memphis, you'll have a ready-made group of friends to hang out with on the patio :-)

Sleeping Beauty said...

KATHY. Oh no, it will never happen.lol But my first thought was, I am "one of them now" lol
When I was" heavy" smoker, I tryed to smoke alone, never inside the buildings and most of the time I did it alone. Weird me. I need to find a better and less expensive "hobby".

Kathy said...

Gold teeth are pretty popular among the southern smokers too. Be careful, you don't want to end up like this...

Sleeping Beauty said...

PERFFFECT!!! Thanks for giving me THUMBS UP!!! lol I look "Smokin' " hot. LOLO>LOLOLOLOL.
Gold teeth creep me out though. They really do. In estonia, old people , who have some money and no teeth, usually get couple of cold teeth shining. Not my thing. lololol , but again, who knows what future brings.