Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another earthquake hit ca today.

It was nothing big but we still got little " shake " My sons school was evacuated (about 250 6month-6 year olds were rushed out to the streets for 15 minutes. Then they returned and continued as normal. When It happened I went to movies with Regina to waths Sharkboy and LavaGirl. - Let me just say- don't go to see it, waste of money. At least for adults. Kids may like it at some degree but it was just stupid movie.

So, here I am again talking about nothing, but same time talking about everything. My english teacher from Saddleback always told us- even if you don't have anything to write about write about nothing and thoughts will come to you. So , today I am writing about things that will come to me as I write. ;)
Last Night I asked a question-.... Do you have any idea people who YOU are and why you are the way you are and do the things you do ??? The simpliest anwer to my own question is - I am me and that is what makes me unique, I do things the way I do because I CAN. I really don't want to go deeper than that because I am loosing my brain power and train of thought is not finding connections. Usually my best Ideas and thoughts appear when I am allready in bed, nice and cozy and ready to doze off. I live in a grazy dreamworld , my dreams are colorful and vivid , Sometimes I wake up laughing and sometimes crying. Some dreama have deep meanings and some are just full of the worst bull S*** imaginable. But I still keep dreaming. One of the worst dreams I had lately was I opened my door to strangers and was calling 911 same time because strangers were just up for no good, and then I got through 911 and it came out the guy who was behind my door was holding the phone and talking to me. freeky. - In real world phones are my biggerst phobia. I hate talking on phone, dealing with people when I don't see their faces and expressions. I hate answering to phone and making phonecalls. It is just weird. Sometimes I have to sit down and calm down before I make certain phonecalls to some doctors or businesses. I get all sweaty and nervous. It is weird. I also hate opening bills because I know what waits inside- huge bill from AMEX or master card, and you know who did the spending- I DID. I feel so quilty paying off that bill, because I know I should have not bought that purse or those jeans, but I NEEDED them then. They looked so cool and fit just right. Credit cards are evil, but without them life in US would be evil- because person without credit history or with poor credit history usually has trouble getting a car, or house or whatever... let just say- GOOD gredit history is good. So now I have to start saving again.

Ok. I am so tired today. it is all in the weather. It was another windy, cold and clowdy day. But evening was so quiet. It really seems like another storm is coming- it is too quiet. I keep my eyes and ears and nose open.

Good night or Good Morning- to all of you

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