Monday, June 13, 2005

Another unhappy PMS update.

And this is soo mu fault. Well, before as I was updating my pics to, suddenly my computer froze. SO I restarted it BUT- all my files were gone, all the folders with pictures and text were missing. I have backed up all the pics, so no big deal, but every time I restart my computer same thing happens. Everything is back to that level where my dear friend husband left me with. Seems like my computer has no memory whatsoever and does not remember what I added to bookmarks, the settings I changed, everything goes back to almost zero. I really don't know what is wrong. Virus scans are not catching anything, computer is up to speed, Only thing takes little time is starting up , it thinks about 10 seconds longer about accesing my account. So dear fellow friends and supporters, what did I do wrong this time. I feel like I am such a bug magnet, I make the same mistakes all the time, but at a time I am making a mistake, it does not look like mistake.
So, why does my computer has no memory, or has short term memory? Are my naked pictures all over the internet now, so if you happen to see one close your eyes, because you may go blind. ( I am concerned about my kids privacy now, because this is just weird, )


lennuk said...

What is going on with your comp???
It have never, never happend to me. Ok. Computers have freeze on me, but I have never lost any files or date result of that.
Lucky you that all was backed up!
Have you found out anything?

Sleeping Beauty said...

It is not the computer. Settings are messed up and I am just to curious to check out all new stuff, and sometimes ( well, most of the times) I am not to careful and get myself into trouble.
But it is still the same. I bookmark couple of pages and when I restart the comp, modzilla and awast welcome me in and ask to register and all the bookmarks are missing. So it must be the settings.

Kathy said...

If you ever get really desperate and drive down to San Diego with your computer, I'd take a stab at fixing it.

Considering that's what Doug and I do for a living, we could probably figure out something :-)

I have problems with my own computer too, but usually it happens when I start modifying the registry by hand. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

Sleeping Beauty said...

Thanks for the offer kathy, but I don't think I want to take my pc there ;). With my toshiba I have different kind of problems, after regina played her, she managed to change some settings and now I have no acces to internet. I wait until 20th and see what my patient dh will say.