Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Oh so bummed.

I called to car repear place today and got not so cheering news. Car is fixable- that is ok, they have all the parts- which is also ok, BUT it will take about 3 weeks to get it repeared . OH. What will I do after 23'd of june??? My insurance will cover my rental only for a month. But if they have done everything right at the beginning, I would have had my car allready. :( My estimater at repear shop told me that they would have started repearing my car last week, but liberty mutual guy did not show up last week to estimate damages one more time and when he did estimate YESTERDAY, he missed lot of damages?? I am so bummed. It is all because of those stupid self centered son of a B*&@(# . Is it really how things get done in 21st century?? Morons run free, customer service sucks, gas is overpriced and there is war in Irak. Yes, you know who I blame in all this- B@#H. Somebody has to take the blame.

THEN, gabriels B day is on 22nd of april and I wanted to have party for him since last year Regina was admitted to St Jude to get her first round of chemo and we did not have a chance to spend His birday with Him. Now everybody has cancelled because there are other graduations on same day. :( I am so sad :( Bad timing I guess. So Now I am trying to reschedule everything. OH I HATE , HATE HATE whoever put a spell on me. YOU BETTER speak up or I will send my most evil thought to your doorstep, and that thought is not pretty;) Just a warning. You better be friend with me and pretend that you like me;)



Melissa Starr said...

I love reading your entries. You are so funny and are thinking exactly what the rest of us are. As for your insurance not covering your rental, I would pester them more and make them pay for the rental longer since they are the ones who couldn't get the lead outta their butts and get the ball rolling. Good luck with everything and you all are always in our thoughts and prayers!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Thank Melissa :)
I am trying to contact them again, but it is same old, same old. i leave messages and nobody returns my calls.