Monday, June 06, 2005

New week, PMS is back

-Update -

Ok, seems like things are starting to move to right direction. After 10 phonecalls to different people I finally got my answers. Damage to my car was about 7000 dollars. Right now as I am talking Prestige is taking my car to repair shop and hopefully from here it will go smoothly. But again, things around me lately are just not moving the way they suppose to be moving so I am expecting some more madness in this case. BUT wohooooo. I am so exited. I miss my car soooo much. I want my baby back :D:D:D:D

Today I have to start dealing with Mutual morons again. Yep, I am going to call them every half an hour until I have some more solid answers. If they give me shit like we call you back before day is over I let them know- don't call me, I'll be calling you, and I make sure I make your days as painful as possible. It is payback time.

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