Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My life

Farfalle pasta for dinner-$1
Noodles for kids---------$1
Nachos with salsa--------$2
Expressions on kids faces when I told them to clean up the mess- PRICELESS. HAHA

Welcome to my life. It never gets old when I tell my kids It is clean up time. They give me same NOOO WAY, and same I DON"T LIKE YOU MOM. But after fussing couple of minutes they see there is no way THEY are going to win, and there they go- in slow motion- to clean up the mess they made. But they are getting better cleaning up and they know where something goes. Next step- I have to teach them how to cook dinner, so I could just sit on my couch day long and do nothing. What a BORING life. REally, how is it possible that so many people do nothing but hang out in front of TV , eating greasy chips and trinking gallon of soda per day?? I mean, COME ON. There is so much more to life than tv. So what if you have kids, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and move areound. Don't go to the same park you always go, Don't visit the same bookstores or whatever stores. GO and discover something new. There is so much to see and discover and Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed because I just don't know what should I do first.
So, your new mission tomorrow will be something new. lol

--about my car-- Damages 15 000 dollars. Today I finally went to Prestige and signed the papers and now my car is getting extreme makover. We'll see how extreme it will be ;)


Kathy said...


How did the damage get to be so high?

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog!!! You deserve a place to vent and to tell you the truth I've been thinking about starting my own. I am so glad the car issues are being handled, I went through some of the same issues after an 19 year old talking on her cell ran a stop sign, we get our car back but it was never right and we ended up selling it. On the wine, I don't like that kind either!! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Right now I have original apprisal. But here are some of the damages
Headlamp ASSY, Xenox LT- $1300
airbag Steering weel -$1100
Front door something -$1200
Cover front bumper -$600 etc. They also have to replace parkatronic( or whatever it is called- it detects if I am to close to thigs etc) and so on

Sorry Marie. I have same mixed feelings now. I feel like I LOVE MY car, but then again- it is ruined so what if they fix it, what if next thing I know is that Bottom fells off?

Maarika said...

:-DDD meil saab sama raha eest juba uue auto, küll mitte mersu, aga miski asja ikka.
See blog on tõesti lahe, real - DIANA - kuuleme kuidas life sucks aegajalt... oi kui sarnaselt ma end sinule tundsin kui seda choco koogilugu lugesin. Ise mõtlesin, et vot õige kook pooleks, pool sulle ja pool mulle. Ei ole vaja tegeleda enesepettusega, lõikad 10ks väikseks jupiks ja sööd ikkagi kõik ära... irw lahe tahan ka choco kooki, tee mulle ka ja saada...

Sleeping Beauty said...

Akki ootad augustini??? Tulen akki kohale ja teen sulle selle valmis???;)

lennuk said...

browny kook jätab mind hetkel külmaks, aga veini jooks küll, juustu sööks ka, ühe suitsu tõmbaks ka:) hetkel nii viimase piirini aetud! ja väsinud. ärkasin kell 4 hommikul. peale lühiajalist vähkremist nägin, et magamisest ei tule miskit välja ja ülesse tõusin! kes peseb nõusid hommikul kell 5? mina! kes paneb puhast pesu kappi hommikul kell 5? mina! kes kastab lilli ja käib väljas prügikastivahet (nb! pidzhaamas) hommikul kell 5? teadagi...
kui see tööpäev nüüd lõpeks....
aga siis veini! täna avan pudeli!
ahjaa, ja sleepytime tea ostsin ka. palderjaniga! ohoo!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the name of your new blog!!! LOL Boy can I relate!!!! :)

What a great thing to do! Now I'm thinking of starting one myself! Great idea!

Good luck with the car! Insurance companies are such pains it seems!

Did Sija make it back safely? I was a fan of hers, too :)

Jackie in Chicago

Sleeping Beauty said...

Yes, my sister is back in Est safe and sound and she already got a great job. As soon as she landed she was offered a manager place in one local GREAT kind of Irish bub with estonian kick. So now she has something smarter to do with her time. lol

You should start your Blog . I am sore you have some interesting stories to share and your sense of humor is awsome. :)