Friday, July 15, 2005


  • It has been really quiet up here. Nothing much going on besides taking care of 2 perfectly cute kids and cleaning.
  • I still don't have my car and I have not the slightest clue when Will I get my car back.
  • I've been goint to movies a lot. My latest movie adventures-
  1. Charlie and the Chocolate factory- Liked it, made me want to eat more chocolate
  2. Herby fully lodade- Really cute and funny movie, classical Disney.
  3. Batman begins- LOVED IT. SO good
  4. Fantastic 4- I went to see it with low expectations but It came out nice movie experiense. Also loved it.
  5. War Of the Worlds- OH MY GAWD- THIS is awsome movie, I was clued to screen, I think I was watching it my mouth wide open. That's , how great this movie was. :)
Now, I really want to see Wedding crashers and Dark Water- 2 totally different movies, but they both have actors in that I like a lot. So Maybe tomorrow I will go to see dark water and beginning of next week Wedding crashers.
I think I am movie nut. I would sit in the theater all day long and watch all the movies( does not matter if good or bad) that are on at that moment.
What about you? What was your last movie you saw on big screen and how was it?

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lennuk said...

I saw War of the Worlds. It was scary, but very entertaining. Scary faces were very truthful.
Did you know that Silja worked on it!
So, I liked it and not only because of that.
Would LOVE to see Wedding Crachers. I guess no time to see it this weekend.
From TV I watched Shall we dance? I started to watch it about 11.30 pm, hoping to fall asleep. Got really into it and fell asleep after 2 am.
After the movie I really wanted to dance some ballroom dance, so I bothered hubby in the middle of the night with some dance steps.
Movies are fun!!!