Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nice face ;)

Nice face- where did you get it from ???
I think in OC almost everybody had some kind of plastic surgery or lasic retouching or lipo done. I often want to ask from " really" beautiful people, so, where did you buy your face from? Do you think that would sound little rude?? I'm just curious. I don't mind plastic surgery- infact- I need liposuction, new and fresher looking skin, porcelan vineers, boob lift, varicouse vein removal from my left leg, fuller pornstar lips, longer forhead, pointier cheeks and longer chin- is that to much?? I know after I have all these things done I still can make beautiful babies because I allready have 2 really cute kids. But what happens to those people who loook soooo incredibly perfect give birth to kids whose ears are 2 inches from head, teeth are extra long and crooked, and nose is just like huge baked potato. That would be so wrong, and then they get old enough to notice how different they are from their parents and ask from them- AM I ADOPTED?? THAT IS WILD!!!


Kathy said...

You don't need plastic surgery, I don't like people that think they need to look perfect.

Being in good health is enough for me, although I would like to do something about the varicose veins.

When are you leaving for Estonia?

Sleeping Beauty said...

Me??? To Estonia??? Not anytime soon! ;) ( s e c r e t)

Kathy said...

Sorry. I guess its just another part of your secret life :-)

Memphis is coming up soon, too bad we're not traveling at the same time, then maybe I could catch a glimpse of you hanging out with the "in" crowd on the patio, or is that something that you've given up? :-)

I'm sorry, now I need to be nice to make up. You are beautiful and slim and a great cook, you definitely don't need plastic surgery or even to lose weight, you are out of your mind if you think you're fat.

Is that nice enough now?

Sleeping Beauty said...

lol . I guess I will not be minority there anymore. Shame on me, why did I had to buy that pack of cigs...

Honestly, I really need a lipo to suck out some of that fat from inner thighs. No matter what exersise I do, nothing workes to loosen that weird fat. And little surery to remove those ugly veins from my left leg. Because of that I am not wearing anything short, or if I do wear short skirts, I have to wear darker and extra tight pantyhose to slim those bumps down.
Kathy- You are always nice! I like your sense of humor. :)

lennuk said...

I have veins too, I have fat too, and i want these all to be removed!!!!!!!!!

By the way, just wanted to mention that I saw Wedding Crashers and it was FUNNY. :)

Anonymous said...

I never thought about that but so true!!! I'm not sure if I'd ever go through with having this or that fixed but have been tempted. Ha HA, now I did do the teeth thingie and I love how they look. So to that I say go for it but be ready to keep them "up", it's not cheap!! I had my first porcelan over lays done almost 17 years ago and over the last 5 or so years I've had a few fixed and a few replaced, but I'd do it again.!! I was really surprised and happy with the end result!!! Plus they lasted longer than the 10 years they said, but of course I "babied" them too, didn't bite into hard things, cut up apples and stuff but I could have eaten them whole, I was just being "cheap" and trying to get my $$$ worth out of them and I did!!! Have a good week