Saturday, December 06, 2008

Best buy part 2

Seriously, what the fuck is up with that. I called them today again, REQUESTING return slips... Guess what, Those retards think they are working. They don't do a shit... Second time I asked them to email me those Slips, THEY N EVER DID. AND they do have correct email in their file. Well, it's their loss. I am NOT returning those parts back to them Till they email me some sort of return labels., and I keep calling them till I will be on their blacklist.... DORKS.. That's all I can say...

NOW, on a good note. I can not stand being a woman. I really can't. My hormones are driving me insane, and All I can do is sweat about it... I do not want to go on birth control. Because then I will sweat even more... And most likely get a high blood pressure.. and so on... I just want my beard to stop growing. i am tired of shaving nightly... hehe And there are all these beauty rituals I have to do to look somewhat acceptable... Blah... and that's it..

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