Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I mentioned while ago that I applied for volunteering position in ST. Joseph Hospice care. Well, before that I had to fill out whole bunch of paperwork, that pretty much meant that I AM NOT ALLOWED TO ACCEPT ANY GIFTS from my patients. heh. Not a big deal, I am not doing it because i want something out of it, I applied because I want to help.
My guess is that there are people who do it because they want to get something out of it ( like will , or gifts)/ Anyway, I kind of felt like I was not trusted with my intentions and it did hurt a little. :( Then, second thing I had to do was Tuberculosis test.. Not a big deal. Righs? Just a tiny poke and then wait 48 hours and go back to doctors for a reading.
My issue is... I have been tested positive before and I had TONS of x rays taken over the course of my Elementary years and they all were ok, but tests always turned out positive, OR false positive..
Ok, I had this test done on Monday. Today testing site is BURNING red and raised and itches as hell. I never had such a bad reaction. I am littlebit worried. IF I had tuberculosis I would be coughing my insides out.. Right??? I am really hoping that it is also one of those false results and IF I get an x ray (IF) everything will be ok.

Just waiting...


Kathy said...

If you were vaccinated in Estonia as a child, you probably got the BCG vaccine, it's a weakened tuberculosis bacteria.

It is common for anyone who has had the BCG vaccine to have a positive skin test for TB.

They don't give the BCG vaccine any more in the US because they've essentially managed to eradicate the disease here. In Estonia there are several antibiotic resistant strains of TB still around, for this reason they still give BCG to infants or children.

More on BCG:

So my vote is for no worries on this one.

Sleeping Beauty said...

The thing is I have no idea what vaccines I got in Estonia. My arm is full of vaccine scars. I guess most likely I got that BCG. Dang Estonia... hehe..BTW, I have been home with regina past 3 days. She is sick. :(