Friday, May 02, 2008


First I want to thank you all for checking in once in a while and leaving comments here and there...

It is friday night 11.56 and I am home with kids.. I told my husband to but on his " bachelor" clothes and get OUT... hehe he has been home and practicing piano ALL DAY LONG. GOD, my head is about to explode. I understand that he wants to learn to play, but OH COME ON, give me a break, same ding dong dang ALL DAY LONG.

NOw, it is May. It is my birthday month. I know guys it is hard to believe , but I am STILL under 30, and this fun will last few more days. May 8th will be that horrible day everybody is so afraid off?
WHY? What's wrong about turning 30, 31, 32, etc? Isn't that like , like, like, like so normal, like you like supposed like turn 30 like after 29 like that???( see I am getting nervous myself). YAWN, yawn yawn.

Why I am really posting this is let you know and rise awareness about your wallets, checkbooks, credit cards. I am hoping that at least couple of you will donate some money to Childrens hospital of Los angeles In REgina Tan's honor ( for Brain tumor research). CHLA and Dr Dhall have been amazing with Regina , and I hope , I really do hope that people keep giving , so one day all this money can help to find a cure. And I know you all want to be part of it :)

Anyway, Happy upcoming birthday to me. I will celebrate it in Persian restaurant in Encino ( 70 miles from Laguna), since I just feel like it. :)
OK. It is now 11.11 and my husband is still not home....

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