Monday, March 26, 2007


HMH. Today I went to see really expensive movie. REALLY, REALLY expensive. Total price for it was 50 dollar ( JUST ME). You think I must be crazy, and probably are saying things like – YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THAT money to me, or join Weight watchers instead- blah blah blah. BUT, Instead you spend watching crap like that. And I must tell it was crap, but just a tiny bit crap…. Sandra bullock was good, IDEA for a movie was excellent, and very well played, and I liked idea that all unexplainable things do not have to be explained , things just happen sometimes…. But crappidy crap… why is it always us, woman who screw up big time…. Huh?? Go see Sandras new movie - Premonition- You’ll find out why I am saying things I am… BUT oh yeah, at first I almost fell asleep, because beginning of movie was very “ calming” lol.

And now that expensive part- hourly after school daycare pay – 14 dollars per hour… and in the end I ended paying 7.25 per ticket and 42 dollars for babysitting center…. Sucks…..


Kathy said...

Personally I just sneak out while the kids are in school. Movie theatre by us opens 10 am, I can usually catch a movie that starts before noon, and still time to go to Starbucks before they get home or I have to go pick up.

Cheaper than $42, lol...

There's even a theater by us that shows movies one day a week at 10 am and babies/toddlers are allowed, price is very reasonable for movie, I think $4 or something.

Then you can spend that extra $40 on cheese or chocolate or something...

Sleeping Beauty said...

10 starting is PERFECT. But sadly, movies I WANT to see have starting time 11.30, or 12.10... and then I have to hurry to pick kids up from school ... ugh.... Once in a while it's ok.

BTW Kathy, We are going to memphis on 8th, and have ONLY ENDOCRINE clinic check up. ( I am telling you- when they ask, How are things going, I am going to tell them They suck.. Meds are 130 dollars per month, and you are not letting us see doc;s here to get her bone measured- What's thedeal???

Kathy said...

I hate to say it, but the way a bone age works, they can't really take one in Irvine and interpret it in Memphis.

However, it would be reasonable for you to take Regina to an endocrinologist in California and have them do their own bone ages for comparison. You'd have to have more than one bone age test, it's really the difference between successive x-rays that is helpful rather than one bone age x-ray by itself.

If you do decide to do this, I'd suggest taking her to see California doc either right before or right after the Memphis visit so that you can compare the two.

If you have a basis for comparison between Memphis and a doc here at home, she shouldn't have to keep returning to Memphis just for bone age tests.

It would be great if you could convince them to spring for the growth hormone, I know that's expensive, I am so grateful we haven't had to do that for Steven.

But best of all is that Regina is doing well, and we went to keep it that way.

Besides, I know that you secretly miss Memphis. At least this is usually a really nice time of year, better than 110 degrees and 100% humidity in August. You can get reacquainted with your smoking buddies, although I hear that relegating them to a smoking room in the parking garage wasn't good enough, now they're all isolated in some shack a walking distance away from the hospital and the garage smoking room is closed. No more riding in the elevator with people who just walked in from a long smoking session in the garage.

I wonder how the pulmonary guy with the pony tail is getting along with the new smoking rules.

Valerie's lost weight, I barely recognized her last time we were there.

You can say hi to all our old friends for us.