Saturday, May 05, 2007

Photography by Kiino.

We had such a wonderful day. Our day started with plumber showing up in our house… and fixed MAJOR plumbing problem- water pressure was triple what it was supposed to be, and we had water squirting out from faucets … after that very expensive error was fixed , we started 56 mile trip to LA.

Estonian house was converted into one huge studio with make up artist, hair stylist and photographer. Event was called house Beautiful and it was fundraiser to help raise funds towards fixing up Estonian house. We only stayed for a short while, since my dh was bored… men…

BTW dear Estonians- FOOD WAS AwesOME!!!!!
BTW, pics taken ( the ones that look professional , are taken by Kiino Villand.
he did awesome job. J

Then we headed to downtown LA. We went to see MOCA. ( Museum of Contemporary Art). check out this website, it has some of exhibits pics.

I LOVED it. I wish it was only me, so I had more time to look around… But since we were with kids, we had to hurry through and hit the road…

On our way home we stopped at Huntington beach and had nice early dinner . Weather was very windy, and wind was strong enough to carry us away, so we just took a short walk, and headed home .

It was very busy , but very fulfilling day. J
Tomorrow, Sunday… we are heading to Torrance, where Rides For Kids takes place…..

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