Sunday, May 13, 2007


If you have not seen Spiderman 3, go see it. Fun movie.
and Also, DISTURBIA. I went to see this movie with no high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised how well acted, directed and written this movie was. Full of suspense,. Keeps you interested the whole time :)


Kathy said...

We saw Spiderman 3 Friday night with kids. It was a fun movie, but kind of dark, all these tortured superheroes.

I liked his comment, "where do these guys keep coming from?"

But next Friday, it's all about Shrek 3 for us. I have high expectations for that movie, hopefully we won't be disappointed.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I agree. I want to be in fight like that and survive ,.. I had to remind Regina few times- DO not try that at ;)
BTW, I will be in san diego on sunday. St Jude event. annual franchise owner’s meeting for Play and Music, Gymboree’s parent-child music play brand at Paradise point resort, and they want us to talk about Regina an St Jude etc. Sounds cool :)