Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers day..

..or what's left of it :)
We had great mothers day. My dh. is full of surprises. On mothers day morning he told us to dress up because he was going to take us somewhere special :) So after fixing us up, we ran into our car and headed somewhere... And that somewhere was in Balboa Island . Restaurant- Oceanfront 21, where we had very expensive mothers day brunch. FOOD WAS AWESOME!!!! Even kids ate it. lol not to mention- gabriel discovered that crab legs are pretty tasty and dark chocolate cake tasted like it was infused with coffee.. lol he is something else. After our Long and very tasty dinner we headed to fashion island and took a walk, ate ice cream and then went back home, because all that food made us just very sleepy... ;) PLUS I was in some serious root canal pain... that had taken over my whole mouth....

Now... it is 9.03.. kids are in bed, Nick just left to airport and I am here, typing,and watching Desperate housewives.
Kids and Nick did such an awesome job to make my mothers day special. Flowers, cards, helping around house, cleaning up kids toys. etc. days like this just make me smile ....

Also, on Friday night we attended our friends wedding. Very cute wedding. It was in Newport beach on a Yacht called Icon. It was sunset wedding and lasted 3 hours. From 6pm-till10pm . Bride was beautiful, groom was handsome, BUT I had huge problem with what was going on on boat. I was checking out price list for food, and dj, and boat and planners etc. And I was not impressed with it. Food sucked. Stake was overcooked and bitter, time to meet and mingle to short , captain who married Beautiful couple was not belivable. If it was me, I would have complained my ass off, but since it was not my wedding I just smiled and acted all cute :) Congrats to Newlyweds :)

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Kathy said...

For my mother's day, I prepared a dinner for 15. I stood up most of the time, I was the last person to sit down and the first one to get up after dinner.

And for my gift? I bought this for myself at Costco.

The sad thing is that I really love it, it's probably as good as anything I could have gotten. It has a remote control so it's almost like a toy. Doug and I sat up playing with it for about an hour after the kids were in bed.

It goes under the couches. It plays a little song when it starts up and when it's done. It knows when it's battery is dead and it recharges itself. The dog is terrified of it. It's awesome, and I'm vaccuuming my house as I'm writing this.

I think I need to get a life.