Thursday, March 02, 2006

2 more days and...

I'll be single again... yup, nick is leaving late on friday night. Poor me. I look forward to sleepless nights, grazy mornings and not cleaning up after him. This time he will be back before his 40 th b day ( on march 31st). But still, he will be gone and will spend my time doing nothing ....

Now about my laptop- while I was in estonia I brought kids computer game Nu pogodi( Just wait_ kids animated series). After I downloaded the game my computer started acting up. And 3 days ago it stopped responding to anything at all. i did virus scans and found porn dialer( whatever is that), I checked memory and my computer had no memory left- also, my computer could not find any hadware left in my computer- no ups drives, no cd/dvd drives etc. I had about 5 picture folders( total 200 pictues that I had not backed up) and I lost them all. yesterday my husband restored my computer to factory settings and now it is working again, but what is weird ( at least I think is weird), after first virus scan( even before computer was hooked up to internet) norton found Alexa (

McAfee(R) AVERT™ recognizes that this program may have legitimate uses in contexts where an authorized administrator has knowingly installed this application. If you agreed to a license agreement for this, or another bundled application, you may have legal obligations with regard to removing this software, or using the host application without this software.
Please contact the software vendor for further information.

See for a list of Program detections added to the DATs.

See for information about how to enable, disable, and exclude detection of legitimately installed programs.


Upon execution of this application, Alexa toolbar is installed in Internet Explorer. Search keywords used in Google were transferred to Alexa servers. Also Alexa sends personal information such as usernames to the Alexa site.)

WHY, WHY, WHY??? But at least now my Toshiba is working fine and after few more virus scans and virus removals, My computer seems to be clean -- we will see about that.

I hope for next 12 months my computer stays fine and clean ( I usually get one bad virus or spyware or addware once a year that totally destroys everything I have in my computer and even virus or spy scans can not detect what my toshiba got. I never learn from my mistakes - instead I make new and worse ones ;O)


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